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Project# LQC122-JH
Jackson Heights Branch Library

Project# P-412RWR1
Roy Wilkins Recreation Center

Project# SE807
Construction of Sewers, Water Mains and US Outfall, 20th Avenue

Various Projects
Infrastructure Updates, Spring 2024

Project# HWQ274F2
Reconstruction of Rosedale Area, Phase II

Project# LQQ122-FA1
Far Rockaway Library

Project# LQD122LAE
Laurelton Community Library

Project# LQBW-EXP
Briarwood Community Library

Various Projects
Updates for Civic Associations Queens Community Districts 12 and 13

Project# LQQ122-RG
Rego Park Community Library

Various Projects
Queens Public Library

Project# BB0502A
Construction of Various Right of Way Green Infrastructures in the BB-05 & BB-08 CSO Tributary Areas

Project# HWPEDSF4A
Parsons Boulevard Pedestrian Plaza

Project# GCJA03-3B
Construction of Green Infrastructure in Areas of South Ozone Park

Project# SE859
70th Street Microtunneling

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Staten Island

Project# SER002329
Installation of New Storm Sewers & Replacement of Sanitary Sewers and Distribution Water Mains in Forest Hill Road

Project# HWR00512
Richmond Valley Road, Staten Island Street Acquisition

Project# RED386
Replacement of Distribution Water Main in South Avenue, including Continental Place, Cable Way and Arlington Place

Project# SER200258
Construction of Storm Sewers, Sanitary Sewers and Water Main Offsets in Alverson Avenue

Project# MIBBNC04A
Construction of BMP’s NC 6 and NC 15, Staten Island

Project# SER20079
Construction of Sanitary & Storm Sewers and Water Main in Willow Avenue

Project# SER200236
Reconstruction of Storm Sewers in North Avenue

Project# SER20032
Reconstruction of Xenia Street

Project# HWTRR1
Roadway Reconstruction of Alaska Street from Richmond Terrace to Wayne Street | Van Buren Street from Minerva Place to York Avenue

Reconstruction of Ocean Driveway, Harold Avenue and Arden Avenue

Project# SANDR01
Hylan Boulevard Streetscape Improvement Project

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Project# HAM17GHSE
Marlboro Agricultural Education Center

Project# P-217SCRC
Shirley Chisholm Recreation Center

Project# SEK002383
Pacific Park Project Phase II

Project# SEK002386
Infrastructure Upgrades at Prospect Heights

Project# BED819
Replacement of Water Mains and Appurtenances In Oriental Boulevard Between Corbin Place And Pembroke Street

Project# HWK1669A
4th Avenue Safety Improvements - Phase A

Project# HWKKP005
Reconstruction of DUMBO/Vinegar Hill Area

Project# BED798
Replacement of 72” Trunk Water Main, Park Slope and Flatbush Avenue

Project# SHORERD
Shore Road CPSD Study

Project# NDF-IBZ
Van Sinderen Avenue Streetscape Improvements

Project# BED778A
Installation of Trunk and Distribution Water Mains Along Atlantic Avenue

Project# GNCB14-2A
Construction of Green Infrastructure in Brooklyn

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Project# HWMME43ST
43rd Street Shared Street

Lexington Avenue Pedestrian Safety Improvements

Project# MED607
Trunk Water Main Connections to Water Tunnel Three

Project# HWM2025
Delancey Street Safety Improvements

Project# 70MULBREC
70 Mulberry Street Reconstruction

Various Projects
Manhattan Construction Community Board 1 Quality of Life Meeting

Project# MED669
Distribution Water Main Replacement Along 7th Avenue Between W. 14th St and W. 34th St

Project# HWPEDSF4
Pedestrian Safety Improvements at the Intersection of 34th Street & 8th Avenue, Manhattan

Project# MED629
Reconstruction of Montefiore Park and Plaza

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Project# LN18ALELE
Allerton Library

Project# LNXA20WKF
Wakefield Library

Project# HWX406
Northwest Bronx School Safety Improvements

Project# SEX200400
Sanitary & Storm Sewer Infrastructure Upgrades on City Island

Project# HWXP2007
Reconstruction of East 177th Street / Devoe Avenue / Sheridan Expressway Ramp

Safe Routes to School in the Bronx

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