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Our public buildings projects serve New Yorkers throughout the five boroughs.
We design and build new buildings, often collaborating with world-class architects and designers. We work on major rehabilitations and renovations, from restoring station façades to making libraries ADA-accessible. We also manage essential system upgrades including fire alarms and heating systems. We work closely with our partners in City government to complete these essential structures.


The renovated Kew Gardens Hills Library in Queens has large windows that allow natural light to enter deep into the building. In Brooklyn, the Park Slope Library features an outdoor space for storytelling events. The expanded Stapleton Library now has double the usable space for its community in Staten Island.

We manage design and construction for libraries around the city.
Our projects for the New York Public Library, Queens Public Library, and Brooklyn Public Library range from minor alterations of existing neighborhood branches to new buildings that become enduring community assets. From new construction to renovations, we create places for community engagement that inspire lifelong learning. We also work to ensure libraries are accessible for everyone.

Queens Museum

The expansion of the Queens Museum doubled the size of the institution, adding 50,000 square feet of new galleries, classrooms, public event spaces, a café, and a museum shop.

From museums to zoos, our public buildings projects support the cultural life of New York City.
Through managing projects for the Department of Cultural Affairs, we renovate, upgrade, and construct cultural institutions, including museums, botanical gardens, theaters, dance studios, zoos, and smaller non-profits.

EMS 50

In Jamaica, Queens, the 13,000-square-foot EMS Station 50 supports the Fire Department of New York with ample space for ambulances, training facilities, and administrative areas.

We build and renovate structures that support the City’s emergency response.
For the Fire Department of New York, we manage upgrades to over 220 firehouses in New York City, as well as numerous EMS stations, rescue companies, training academies, and other support facilities. We also design and build new support facilities and stations that meet current needs. For the New York City Police Department, we manage construction for the facilities that enable the NYPD to uphold public safety and enforce the law. We manage upgrades to the headquarters at One Police Plaza, design and construct new precincts around the city, and renovate training facilities, storage structures, and more.

Spring Street Salt Shed

Built for the NYC Department of Sanitation, Manhattan Garage 1/2/5 and the adjacent Spring Street Salt Shed provide facilities to support garbage collection, street cleaning, and snow removal.

Our projects help City agencies serve New Yorkers in every neighborhood.
We manage construction and building upgrades for over two dozen City agencies, supporting public projects from courthouse renovations to ball field upgrades. For the Department of Environmental Protection, the New York City agency that manages and works to conserve the City’s water supply, these projects include wastewater facilities and sewer treatment facilities, storage garages and fueling stations, as well as nature walks and administrative buildings. For the Department of Sanitation, our projects include maintenance facilities, garages, and marine transfer stations. For every agency we work with, our projects enable New York City government to serve its residents.

We deliver public buildings that contribute to a thriving, equitable, sustainable, and resilient city.
Guided by our Project Excellence Principles, we aim for projects that are community-oriented, inclusive, healthy, resilient, and durable. We construct and renovate buildings to provide equitable access for everyone, including persons with disabilities. Our projects incorporate strategies that encourage activity and physical health. We design with resilience in mind to deliver buildings that can withstand extreme events, including flooding and storms. And we build in response to New York City’s needs and emergency situations, including the COVID-19 pandemic. Serving all residents, we work in every borough and every neighborhood in New York City.