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DDC builds and upgrades public infrastructure around the city.
Our work includes water mains, sewers, pedestrian ramps, public plazas, and green infrastructure. We install and repair the water mains that deliver one billion gallons of water a day. We also fix and improve the City’s sewer system of 7,000 miles of pipes and 135,000 storm drains. We install green infrastructure to manage stormwater. We build and reconstruct public spaces including step streets, sidewalks, plazas, and pedestrian bridges. As the City’s primary capital construction project manager, we share the goals of the City of New York to invest in reliable and resilient infrastructure that improves and strengthens communities.

Underground water mains deliver water in New York City.
These pipes bring water into homes, schools, hospitals, and businesses throughout the five boroughs. Some of these pipes are over 100 years old and they need to be replaced as they age. Working with the NYC Department of Environmental Protection, DDC installs new pipes and replaces old pipes to deliver high-quality water for decades to come.

New York City’s sewer system protects public health and safety.
For the NYC Department of Environmental Protection, DDC is at work in every neighborhood to improve, install, and repair NYC’s sewer system. DDC installs new sewers to replace older sewers. We make upgrades to the sewer system to increase local capacity when an area grows, or usage is expected to increase. We also install storm sewers that can handle more stormwater to reduce flooding on city streets.

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New York City has dozens of public plazas for residents and visitors to use and enjoy.
DDC builds and revitalizes these spaces, working in partnership with the NYC Department of Transportation. We create new plazas, sometimes converting existing streets and sidewalks into vibrant public spaces. We also upgrade informal gathering spaces into enduring plazas. Our City’s goal is to make more public space available and accessible to everyone.

Three plaza projects

Clockwise from top left: In Manhattan’s Meatpacking District, the new Gansevoort Street Plaza features new cobblestones and granite blocks to protect pedestrians. Fowler Square provides pedestrian space and calms traffic in a busy part of Fort Greene, Brooklyn. In West Harlem, the redesigned Montefiore Square includes a central terraced lawn and dozens of new trees.

DDC’s roadway projects support neighborhood connections and safety.
Our city roadways are a vital network maintained by the NYC Department of Transportation. Sometimes these roads need comprehensive reconstruction due to aging infrastructure, neighborhood rezoning, street conditions, or community concerns. DDC manages the roadway rebuilding process to ensure new streets are as safe as possible, the underground infrastructure will continue to serve everyone, and that the result will last for decades.

Staten Island Bluebelt

We continue to work with our partners to expand the use of Bluebelts across Staten Island to preserve natural drainage corridors such as streams, creeks, and ponds, while optimizing them to help control and filter stormwater from surrounding neighborhoods. Nearly 75 separate Bluebelts are now managing stormwater and improving nearby property values across Staten Island.

Stormwater—rain and melting snow—is managed by the City of New York to reduce street flooding, protect local waterways, and improve quality of life.
Green infrastructure is an essential part of our City’s response to stormwater. It also improves the water quality of our city’s bays, rivers, and creeks. Green infrastructure, including rain gardens, infiltration basins, and Greenstreets, is installed throughout the city by DDC, working with the NYC Department of Environmental Protection.

We work hard to keep everyone informed while construction is underway.
As DDC improves infrastructure, our Office of Community Outreach and Notification communicates with residents, businesses, and institutions. Community Construction Liaisons work on behalf of DDC to inform neighbors of construction activities and quickly resolve any project-related impacts. Learn more about construction impacts and individual DDC projects throughout New York City here.