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Outreach Materials

Even to a seasoned professional, the work we do can be complicated. Our staff takes part in sharing their knowledge to help others learn more about how we're working to build a healthy, equitable city.

Learn about DDC

DDC is the City's primary capital construction agency and works to maintain and enhance public buildings and infrastructure across all five boroughs.

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Introduction to DDC

DDC is the City’s chief construction manager, providing professional project management and world-class design services to more than 20 City agencies and non-profit organizations that receive City funding.

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Progress Update 2024

The Progress Update details changes DDC has made to our practices and information about how we save time and money on public projects. If you'd like to learn more, you can also visit the Strategic Blueprint page.

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Office of Community Outreach and Notification

The Office of Community Outreach and Notification (OCON) is responsible for updating the public regarding new and continuing DDC projects.

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About OCON

As DDC constructs and improves public buildings and infrastructure, the Office of Community Outreach and Notification communicates with residents, businesses, and institutions.

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Community Construction Liaisons

When construction is in your neighborhood, your contact is the local Community Construction Liaison (CCL). CCLs keep everyone informed, answer questions, and help with special requests.

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Day in the Life: CCL

Community Construction Liaisons work on behalf of DDC to inform neighbors of construction activities and quickly resolve any project-related impacts.

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Our Projects

Our public infrastructure projects include water mains, sewers, pedestrian ramps, and public plazas.

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DDC and Street Trees

DDC plants thousands of street trees each year, working hand in hand with the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation.

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DDC and Water Pipes

DDC installs, replaces, and repairs water mains all across the five boroughs in partnership with the NYC Department of Environmental Protection.

public plaza with a person sitting at a table

DDC and Plazas

DDC builds and revitalizes public plazas, working with the NYC Department of Transportation.

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DDC and Roadways

DDC manages roadway rebuilding projects around the city, working with the NYC Department of Transportation.

a crane lifting a part of a sewer

DDC and Sewers

DDC improves, installs, and repairs the city’s sewer system, in partnership the NYC Department of Environmental Protection.

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Working with Local Businesses

DDC works with local businesses to minimize the disruption caused by construction projects.

FAQs: Small Businesses

English | Spanish | Traditional Chinese | Simplified Chinese

Every effort is made to provide timely updates and notifications to impacted businesses.

BIDs and Local Partners

DDC partners with local entities, including Business Improvement Districts, during infrastructure projects. The agency engages community organizations alongside our sponsors and NYC Small Business Services.

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Essential Information

We are committed to keeping the public informed about DDC projects and contractors.

Property Damage Claim Outline

What to do if you think a DDC contractor has damaged your property while working on an NYC construction project.

Towing/Parking Violation/Potential Damage Process

Workflow process for instances of towing, parking violation, or potential damage.

Handling a Temporary Water Shutdown

English | Spanish

What happens when there is a temporary water shutdown in your area?

DDC Code of Conduct

When DDC construction projects are underway, we work hard to limit disruptions to residents and businesses. All DDC general contractors and their workers must follow this code of conduct.

Pedestrian Ramps

Improved pedestrian ramps help to make New York City’s pedestrian space safe and accessible for everyone, including aging residents and persons with disabilities.

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