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Committed to building the prosperity of Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (M/WBEs)

Our programs and initiatives provide access to guidance, one-on-one assistance, and information. Through DDC’s Office of Diversity and Industry Relations, the agency develops, implements, and monitors policies and procedures to promote compliance with local law and build the prosperity of M/WBEs. We aim to create an equitable and competitive business environment while ensuring the agency’s procurement reflects the diversity of New York City. “DDC is committed to increasing our M/WBE utilization across our entire portfolio,” Commissioner Thomas Foley says. “We are continually looking to expand opportunities for minority and women-owned firms.”

Learn more about how to work with DDC

We have a dedicated office to support M/WBEs, and we remain committed to a transparent contract process. To learn more about the open competitive bid process used by the agency, our procurement initiatives, compliance with M/WBE local law, and frequently asked questions, visit our doing business with DDC pageOur M/WBE FAQ contains answers to some frequently asked questions.

Events to network and get information

We host procurement fairs, open houses, conferences, webinars, and more.These events are opportunities to learn more about how to do business with DDC and connect firms with other agency partners looking to work with M/WBEs. We also host events for prime contractors to meet M/WBE subcontractors. Visit our events page.

DDC’s Mentoring Program is now run by the Mayor’s O/MWBE

DDC previously had a Mentoring Program to prepare qualified M/WBEs and small businesses to work with the agency. Nearly 50 firms participated in the program as part of our first cohort. As of 2024, the Mentoring Program is transitioning to become a larger Citywide program with expanded opportunities across City agencies. Firms that have already been accepted into the program by DDC will automatically be entered into the Citywide Mentoring Program. Learn more about the history of DDC’s Mentoring Program here. Program participants, and those interested in participating in the future, should reach out to the Mayor’s Office of Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprises.

Connect with us directly and stay informed

Our email list provides regular updates to interested firms on agency initiatives, upcoming events, and important news.

Provide feedback to our Office of Diversity & Industry Relations. We want to hear from M/WBEs about what information we can provide to help you and how we can support your firm.

We are available to meet one-on-one to directly answer your questions. Request a meeting with DDC senior staff to discuss procurement and learn about working with the agency.