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June 30, 2023
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NYC DOT to Launch Initiative to Cut Down on Package Thefts and Reduce Negative Environmental and Safety Impacts of Truck Deliveries

LockerNYC Pilot Program will allow New Yorkers to Receive and Send Packages Using Secure Lockers on Public Sidewalks

Pilot to Include 15 Locations and Provide Customers with Free 24/7 Access

New York — New York City Department of Transportation (NYC DOT) Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez today announced that the agency will launch LockerNYC, a pilot program this summer to cut down on package thefts and reduce delivery truck trips. The LockerNYC pilot program, which will run for one year, will allow New Yorkers to conveniently receive and send packages using secure lockers on public sidewalks. The pilot will include 15 locations and offer customers free 24/7 access. The program will be available to anyone who is interested and, unlike other delivery lockers, the LockerNYC program will be available across multiple delivery carriers, including UPS, DHL, and Pitney-Bowes.

“New Yorkers deserve convenient deliveries without rampant theft and unhealthy pollution. With the LockerNYC pilot, our administration is delivering a creative solution that address all three,” said New York City Mayor Eric Adams. “Shared lockers are a proven model that will serve our economy, our health, and our quality of life – and this is just the beginning.”

“New Yorkers deserve to receive their deliveries safely, efficiently and sustainably,” said Deputy Mayor for Operations Meera Joshi. “As New Yorkers continue to enjoy e-commerce, we are using every tool in our toolbox to reduce the number of trucks on our streets and mitigate congestion at the curb.”

“As the number of at-home deliveries have surged in recent years, so have the number of large delivery trucks on our city streets,” said NYC DOT Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez. “The LockerNYC initiative will help reduce the number of trips delivery trucks make each day while also providing a secure place for New Yorkers to receive packages.”

The number of at-home deliveries have surged in New York City in recent years, with 80% of households receiving at least one delivery per week and 20% receiving four or more deliveries. The LockerNYC pilot program is designed to alleviate problems associated with this surge in deliveries, including a spike in truck traffic and the chronic challenge of package thefts. Each day, 90,000 packages are reported stolen or lost in transit in New York City, with many apartment buildings lacking secure areas for package deliveries. The lockers will centralize drop off points, allowing carriers to make fewer truck trips. This is expected to reduce the amount of time delivery vehicles are on our roads, which will lessen safety risks and cut down on harmful vehicle emissions.

To ensure security, all locker locations will be equipped with two security cameras, LED lighting, and anti-theft mechanisms on locker compartments. The lockers will be operated and maintained by GoLocker, the vendor selected by the city for this initiative, which will oversee customer support and overall management of the technology.

Locations will be selected for the program based on land use, concentration of buildings lacking mail/package rooms, and NYPD package theft data, among other criteria. Sites will be chosen to provide adequate circulation space, avoid conflicts with street furniture, ensure smooth pedestrian flow, and avoid obstructing windows, fire escapes, or public art, among other considerations.

The pilot will be in place for a year, with the potential to extend the pilot upon evaluation, allowing DOT to test and evaluate the technology and delivery model. NYC DOT welcomes additional program partners to foster a culture of best practices for safety and efficiency. NYC DOT will collect anonymized data on locker usage to assess the overall success of the pilot and the potential for expansion.

Shared use locker programs have proven successful in other cities, yielding significant reductions in delivery vehicles travel distances, dwell time, failed deliveries, emissions, and congestion. A delivery locker pilot in Seattle found that carrier lockers can reduce the amount of time delivery trucks dwell at the curb by as much as 33% and reduce delivery times by as much as 78%.

The City of New York’s pilot is part of NYC DOT’s efforts to reimagine freight delivery in New York City, restructure freight distribution, and create a sustainable last-mile delivery system for getting goods where they need to go. Earlier this year, NYC DOT announced a local delivery hub pilot program to reduce negative environmental and safety effects of truck deliveries. NYC DOT is also expanding the number of dedicated loading zones across the five boroughs, with over 2,000 installed in the past two years. Last month, NYC DOT announced a platform that allows New Yorkers to report areas where double-parking and blocked bike and bus lanes commonly occur due to vehicle loading and unloading.