Employment Opportunities with NYC DOT

NYC DOT is a vital component of one of the largest and most complex cities in the world. From operating ferries to repairing potholes, issuing construction permits to building and restoring bridges, keeping traffic moving to creating new public spaces, our employees play a crucial role maintaining the City's transportation infrastructure.

Diversity & Inclusivity

The agency is strongly committed to building a diverse workforce and cultivating an equitable and inclusive workplace.

NYC DOT has Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) connecting staff across the City. These groups get together regularly to celebrate, promote, and advocate for professional development, cultural connections, diversity, equity, and inclusion. These groups also enhance engagement and morale in the workplace.

Employee Benefits

Are you looking for a challenging and rewarding career in transportation? NYC DOT offers excellent benefits packages, competitive salaries, and opportunities for advancement.

Learn more about engineering careers at NYC DOT (pdf) Learn about upcoming civil service exams from the Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS)

Current Career Opportunities

All openings at NYC DOT are available at nyc.gov/jobs.

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Business Title

Job ID

Civil Service Title


Posting Period

Bridges Division

Team Leader 527839 Civil Engineer Manhattan 4/6/2022-Until Filled
Civil Engineering Intern 533201 Civil Engineering Intern Manhattan 5/24/2022-Until Filled
Assistant Commissioner/Deputy Chief Engineer 539194 Administrative Construction Manhattan 7/14/2022-Until Filled
Associate Deputy Commissioner 539196 Administrative Construction Manhattan 7/16/2022-Until Filled
Director of Specialty Construction Projects 544477 Adm Construction Prj Mgr-nm Manhattan 8/9/2022-Until Filled
Project Engineer 547028 Civil Engineer Manhattan 8/26/2022-Until Filled
Civil Engineer 541417 Civil Engineer Manhattan 9/12/2022-Until Filled
Staff Analyst 541527 Staff Analyst Manhattan 9/12/2022-Until Filled
Administrative Staff Analyst 544735 Administrative Staff Analyst Manhattan 9/12/2022-Until Filled
Assistant Team Leader 541406 Assistant Civil Engineer Manhattan 9/14/2022-Until Filled
Engineer-In-Charge 552517 Civil Engineer Manhattan 9/23/2022-Until Filled
Project Manager 552548 Civil Engineer Manhattan 9/23/2022-Until Filled
Project Engineer 552537 Associate Project Manager Manhattan 9/24/2022-Until Filled
Civil Engineer Level -3 545994 Civil Engineer Manhattan 9/27/2022-Until Filled
Project Engineer 552473 Civil Engineering Intern Manhattan 10/11/2022-Until Filled
Civil Engineer Intern 555398 Civil Engineering Intern Manhattan 10/14/2022-Until Filled
Assistant Team Leader 552159 Assistant Civil Engineer Manhattan 11/7/2022-Until Filled
Supervisor Carpenter 550490 Supervisor Carpenter Manhattan 11/7/2022-Until Filled
Assistant Team Leader 549000 Associate Project Manager Manhattan 11/21/2022-Until Filled
Associate Staff Analyst 547694 Associate Staff Analyst Manhattan 11/21/2022-Until Filled
Assistant Team Leader 552692 Assistant Civil Engineer Manhattan 11/29/2022-Until Filled
Team Leader 550759 Adm Engineer (non Mgrl) Manhattan 11/29/2022-Until Filled
Associate Project Manager 553299 Associate Project Manager Manhattan 12/6/2022-Until Filled
Team Leader 556822 Civil Engineer Manhattan 12/6/2022-Until Filled
Electrician 564255 Electrician Manhattan 12/12/2022-Until Filled
Over Dimensional Vehicle Router 564375 Transportation Specialist Manhattan 12/12/2022-Until Filled
Project Engineer 565134 Civil Engineer Manhattan 12/16/2022-Until Filled
Assistant Team Leader 566081 Assistant Civil Engineer Manhattan 12/23/2022-Until Filled
Assistant Civil Engineer 565643 Assistant Civil Engineer Manhattan 12/26/2022-Until Filled
Civil Engineer 3 565798 Civil Engineer Manhattan 12/29/2022-Until Filled
Civil Engineer 2 567207 Civil Engineer Manhattan 1/12/2023-Until Filled
Project Engineer 568738 Administrative Project Manager Manhattan 1/12/2023-Until Filled
Assistant Project Engineer 568586 Civil Engineering Intern Manhattan 1/12/2023-Until Filled
Clerical Associate Level 3 572062 Clerical Associate Manhattan 1/31/2023-Until Filled
Project Engineer 569696 Civil Engineer Manhattan 2/1/2023-Until Filled
Director of Capital Finance 570682 Administrative Staff Analyst Manhattan 2/1/2023-Until Filled
Civil Engineer Intern 571149 Civil Engineering Intern Manhattan 2/2/2023-Until Filled
Manager of Design & Construction 571110 Civil Engineer Manhattan 2/2/2023-Until Filled
Assistant Team Leader 572053 Civil Engineer Manhattan 2/6/2023-Until Filled
Civil Engineer 1 573022 Civil Engineer Manhattan 2/6/2023-Until Filled
Civil Engineer Intern 571970 Civil Engineering Intern Manhattan 2/6/2023-Until Filled
Director of Capital Finance* 571074 Administrative Accountant Manhattan 2/6/2023-Until Filled
Over Dimensional Vehicle Router 572618 Transportation Specialist Manhattan 2/6/2023-Until Filled
Team Leader 570863 Civil Engineer Manhattan 2/6/2023-Until Filled
Clerical Associate Level IV 573424 Clerical Associate Manhattan 2/8/2023-Until Filled
Bridge Inspection Coordinator 573663 Transportation Specialist Manhattan 2/13/2023-Until Filled
Bridge Inspector 574283 Civil Engineer Manhattan 2/13/2023-Until Filled
Electrician 564829 Electrician Manhattan 2/13/2023-Until Filled
Executive Assistant to Director of Bridge Repair 570229 Administrative Staff Analyst Manhattan 2/13/2023-Until Filled
Project Engineer 573747 Civil Engineer Manhattan 2/14/2023-Until Filled
Civil Engineer 2 574575 Civil Engineer Manhattan 2/21/2023-Until Filled
Engineer-in-Charge 574823 Civil Engineer Manhattan 2/22/2023-Until Filled
Assistant Civil Engineer 571792 Assistant Civil Engineer Manhattan 2/24/2023-Until Filled
Assistant Civil Engineer 571806 Assistant Civil Engineer Manhattan 2/24/2023-Until Filled
Assistant Civil Engineer 571787 Assistant Civil Engineer Manhattan 2/24/2023-Until Filled
Engineer-In-Charge 573310 Administrative Engineer Manhattan 2/24/2023-Until Filled
Director of Bridges Performance Management 576873 Confidential Strategy Planner Manhattan 3/2/2023-Until Filled
Project Manager/Engineer-In-Charge 540733 Adm Engineer (non Mgrl) Manhattan 3/13/2023-3/26/2023
Supervisor Bridge Painter 576827 Supervisor Bridge Painter Manhattan 3/14/2023-3/27/2023
Area Supervisor Level 1 577083 Area Supervisor Manhattan 3/15/2023-3/28/2023

Bronx Borough Commissioner's Office

Bronx Borough Commissioner 579005 Borough Commissioner Bronx 3/14/2023-3/27/2023

Budget and Capital Program Management

Director of Expense Budget 547865 Administrative Staff Analyst Manhattan 8/26/2022-Until Filled
Assistant Director (Technical Budget) 553898 Administrative Staff Analyst Manhattan 10/4/2022-Until Filled
Project Manager 568289 Civil Engineering Intern Manhattan 1/11/2023-Until Filled
Project Manager 565786 Assistant Civil Engineer Manhattan 2/13/2023-Until Filled

Executive Division

DVAP Coordinator 466597 Community Coordinator Manhattan 7/29/2021-Until Filled
Correspondence Liaison 541026 Community Associate Manhattan 7/20/2022-Until Filled
Multilingual Outreach Coordinator 562080 Community Associate Manhattan 12/1/2022-Until Filled
Junior Director of Physical Accessibility 566746 Confidential Strategy Planner Manhattan 1/12/2023-Until Filled
Senior Director of Physical Accessibility 566187 Administrative Project Manager Manhattan 1/12/2023-Until Filled
Assistant Director of Legislative Affairs 568760 Community Coordinator Manhattan 1/13/2023-Until Filled
Assistant Director, Special Projects 578733 Community Coordinator Manhattan 3/13/2023-3/26/2023
Data Engineer 577133 Cyber Security Analyst Manhattan 3/15/2023-3/28/2023
Executive Director of Strategic Communications 578639 Strategic Initiative Specialist Manhattan 3/16/2023-4/16/2023

Ferry Division

Machinist 474331 Machinist Staten Island 8/27/2021-Until Filled
Marine Oiler 550989 Marine Oiler(ferry Operations) Staten Island 11/7/2022-Until Filled
Chief Marine Engineer 557876 Chief Marine Engineer Staten Island 11/28/2022-Until Filled
Machinist 572365 Machinist Staten Island 2/2/2023-Until Filled
Passenger Service Representative 577360 Community Associate Staten Island 3/15/2023-3/28/2023

Grants and Fiscal Management

Grants Application Coordinator 538686 Staff Analyst Manhattan 7/8/2022-Until Filled
Grants Application Coordinator 539147 City Planner Manhattan 7/12/2022-Until Filled

Human Resources & Facilities Management

Investigator - Employee Discipline 471796 Investigator Manhattan 9/3/2021-Until Filled
Safety & Equipment Training Specialist 493277 Industrial Hygienist Manhattan 10/18/2021-Until Filled
Junior Project Coordinator Intern 528557 College Aide (all City Depts) Queens 4/21/2022-Until Filled
Space Analyst 538833 Space Analyst Manhattan 7/5/2022-Until Filled
Deputy EEO Officer 554464 Agency Attorney Manhattan 10/7/2022-Until Filled
Safety and Equipment Training Specialist* 561434 Industrial Hygienist Manhattan 11/18/2022-Until Filled
Deputy Director of Financial Management* 562261 Administrative Staff Analyst Manhattan 11/29/2022-Until Filled
Energy Manager 561060 Adm Construction Prj Mgr-nm Manhattan 11/30/2022-Until Filled
Investigator 559804 Investigator Manhattan 12/12/2022-Until Filled
Carpenter 565763 Carpenter Queens 1/10/2023-Until Filled
Energy Project Manager 569222 Construction Project Manager Manhattan 1/29/2023-Until Filled
Project Manager 571274 Electrical Engineer Brooklyn 1/29/2023-Until Filled
Energy Project Manager 569230 Adm Construction Prj Mgr-nm Manhattan 2/2/2023-Until Filled
Program Administrator 571284 Principal Administrative Associate Manhattan 2/2/2023-Until Filled
Procurement Analyst 2 573227 Procurement Analyst Manhattan 2/6/2023-Until Filled
Payroll & Timekeeping Clerk 567320 Clerical Associate Manhattan 2/13/2023-Until Filled
Timekeeping Supervisor 567307 Principal Administrative Associate Manhattan 2/28/2023-3/21/2023
Budget Analyst 578499 Actuarial Specialist Level I Manhattan 3/15/2023-3/29/2023

IT & Telecom Division

Senior IT Architect 495786 Senior It Architect Manhattan 11/8/2021-Until Filled
Application Developer 508375 It Automation And Monitoring Manhattan 12/28/2021-Until Filled
Deputy Director of Application Development 519839 Senior It Architect Manhattan 2/10/2022-Until Filled
Mainframe Developer 524643 It Automation And Monitoring Manhattan 3/14/2022-Until Filled
Solution Architect 531513 Senior It Architect Manhattan 5/12/2022-Until Filled
Security Architect 549839 It Security Specialist Manhattan 9/7/2022-Until Filled
Database Developer 555920 It Automation And Monitoring E Manhattan 10/20/2022-Until Filled
Senior Data Engineer 565279 It Infrastructure Engineer Manhattan 12/28/2022-Until Filled
ServiceNow Developer 565720 It Automation And Monitoring Engineer Manhattan 12/28/2022-3/28/2023
Information Security Engineer/Architect 572796 It Security Specialist Manhattan 2/5/2023-5/6/2023
SharePoint / Azure Developer 575593 It Project Specialist Manhattan 2/21/2023-5/18/2023
SharePoint / Azure Developer 576934 It Project Specialist Manhattan 3/15/2023-6/13/2023

Legal Affairs Division

Agency Attorney 1 532083 Agency Attorney Manhattan 5/19/2022-Until Filled
Agency Attorney 2 532099 Agency Attorney Manhattan 5/19/2022-Until Filled
Project Manager 532679 Community Coordinator Manhattan 5/21/2022-Until Filled
Assistant General Counsel 534051 Agency Attorney Interne Manhattan 6/1/2022-Until Filled
Assistant General Counsel 534054 Agency Attorney Manhattan 6/1/2022-Until Filled
Assistant General Counsel 534056 Agency Attorney Manhattan 6/2/2022-Until Filled
Assistant General Counsel 534061 Agency Attorney Manhattan 6/2/2022-Until Filled
Assistant General Counsel 541758 Agency Attorney Manhattan 7/27/2022-Until Filled
Assistant General Counsel 541785 Agency Attorney Manhattan 7/27/2022-Until Filled
Assistant General Counsel 541769 Agency Attorney Manhattan 7/27/2022-Until Filled
Assistant General Counsel 541745 Agency Attorney Interne Manhattan 7/27/2022-Until Filled
Senior Counsel 541734 Executive Agency Counsel Manhattan 7/27/2022-Until Filled
Assistant General Counsel 542038 Agency Attorney Manhattan 7/28/2022-Until Filled
Assistant General Counsel 542042 Agency Attorney Manhattan 7/28/2022-Until Filled
Assistant General Counsel 542032 Agency Attorney Interne Manhattan 7/28/2022-Until Filled
Operations Associate 544138 Community Coordinator Manhattan 8/4/2022-Until Filled
Accountant 550634 Management Auditor Manhattan 9/19/2022-Until Filled
Director of Open Restaurants* 554096 Adm Manager-non-mgrl Frm M1/m2 Manhattan 10/6/2022-Until Filled
Finance Manager* 554364 Administrative Business Promotion Coordinator Manhattan 10/6/2022-Until Filled
Office Manager 557359 Research Assistant Manhattan 11/2/2022-Until Filled
Records Associate (Per Diem) 557310 Public Records Aide Manhattan 11/2/2022-Until Filled
Testifier / Searcher* 558019 Research Assistant Manhattan 11/2/2022-Until Filled
Data Scientist* 559773 Economist Manhattan 11/7/2022-Until Filled
Recoupment Specialist (Per Diem) 560271 Claim Specialist Manhattan 11/15/2022-Until Filled
Investigator - Employee Discipline 560477 Investigator (employee Discipline) Manhattan 11/18/2022-Until Filled
Agency Attorney 3 562517 Agency Attorney Manhattan 11/28/2022-Until Filled
General Counsel 562664 Executive Agency Counsel Manhattan 11/28/2022-Until Filled
Finance Manager 566725 Administrative Management Auditor Manhattan 12/30/2022-Until Filled
Deputy Counsel 571734 Executive Agency Counsel Manhattan 1/31/2023-Until Filled
Outreach Coordinator 570784 Community Coordinator Manhattan 1/31/2023-Until Filled
Project Manager 573783 City Planner Manhattan 2/13/2023-Until Filled
Assistant General Counsel 576602 Agency Attorney Interne Manhattan 3/16/2023-3/29/2023

Permit Management and Construction Control

Project Manager 524625 Transportation Specialist Manhattan 3/14/2022-Until Filled
Project Manager 550638 Project Manager Intern Manhattan 9/19/2022-Until Filled

Roadway Repair and Maintenance (RRM) Division

City Research Scientist 533398 City Research Scientist Manhattan 5/31/2022-Until Filled
Climber & Pruner 549888 Climber & Pruner Queens 9/7/2022-Until Filled
Civil Engineering Intern 556704 Civil Engineering Intern Manhattan 12/27/2022-Until Filled
Asphalt Laboratory Technician 569656 Quality Assurance Specialist Queens 2/24/2023-Until Filled
City Planner 577551 City Planner Manhattan 3/6/2023-3/26/2023
Clerical Associate 572143 Clerical Associate Brooklyn 3/6/2023-3/19/2023
Gardener 575972 Gardener Queens 3/9/2023-3/29/2023
Auto Mechanic 551933 Auto Mechanic All Boroughs 3/10/2023-3/23/2023
Clerical Associate 578249 Clerical Associate Manhattan 3/12/2023-3/22/2023

Safety Education

Outreach Specialist 563157 Community Coordinator Manhattan 12/5/2022-Until Filled

Sidewalks & Inspection Management (SIM) Division

Transportation Specialist 473084 Transportation Specialist Manhattan 9/13/2021-Until Filled
Project Manager 554298 Civil Engineering Intern Manhattan 10/6/2022-Until Filled
Design Engineer 554785 Civil Engineering Intern Manhattan 10/12/2022-Until Filled
Apprentice Inspector H&S - Sidewalk Program* 565996 Apprentice Inspector Manhattan 12/27/2022-Until Filled
Apprentice Inspector (H&S) - HIQA 565952 Apprentice Inspector Manhattan 1/23/2023-Until Filled
Apprentice Inspector H&S - Sidewalk Program 566084 Apprentice Inspector Manhattan 1/23/2023-Until Filled
Cement Mason 566827 Cement Mason Manhattan 2/13/2023-Until Filled
Apprentice H&S Inspector - Sidewalk Program 574722 Apprentice Inspector Manhattan 2/17/2023-Until Filled
Apprentice H&S Inspector - Sidewalk Program 574735 Apprentice Inspector Manhattan 2/17/2023-Until Filled
Assistant Project Engineer 566850 Civil Engineering Intern Manhattan 2/24/2023-Until Filled
Motor Grader Operator - Seasonal 576264 Motor Grader Operator Manhattan 3/6/2023-3/19/2023
Special Project Analyst 576553 Associate Staff Analyst Manhattan 3/9/2023-3/20/2023

Traffic Operations

Parking Data Analyst 462030 Transportation Specialist Queens 7/8/2021-Until Filled
Structural Engineer 547221 Civil Engineer Queens 8/26/2022-Until Filled
Staff Analyst 564456 Staff Analyst Queens 12/12/2022-Until Filled
Deputy Director - Revenue 576541 Administrative Staff Analyst Queens 3/14/2023-3/25/2023
Supervisor of Electrical Installations and Maintenance 576090 Supervisor Of Electrical Installation Queens 3/14/2023-3/27/2023

Transportation Planning & Management (TPM) Division

Corridor Planner 514313 Transportation Specialist Manhattan 1/29/2022-Until Filled
Transportation Specialist - School Safety 520781 Transportation Specialist Manhattan 2/18/2022-Until Filled
Senior Transportation Specialist - School Safety 520786 Transportation Specialist Manhattan 2/24/2022-Until Filled
Project Lead - Bike Unit 521200 Transportation Specialist Manhattan 2/26/2022-Until Filled
Vision Zero Research Scientist 521932 City Research Scientist Manhattan 2/26/2022-Until Filled
Estimate QA/QC & CAD Manager 526603 Transportation Specialist Queens 4/1/2022-Until Filled
Inspector - School Safety* 527638 Traffic Control Inspector Manhattan 4/12/2022-Until Filled
Bus Priority Analyst 531109 Transportation Specialist Manhattan 5/13/2022-Until Filled
Project Coordinator 531834 Transportation Specialist Manhattan 5/15/2022-Until Filled
Senior Transit Planner 532374 Transportation Specialist Manhattan 6/4/2022-Until Filled
Outreach Liaison 544398 Community Coordinator Manhattan 8/9/2022-Until Filled
Associate Urban Designer 544375 Associate Urban Designer Manhattan 8/9/2022-Until Filled
Traffic Device Maintainer 552512 Traffic Device Maintainer All Boroughs 9/25/2022-Until Filled
Coordinator of Public Space Programming 554238 Community Coordinator Manhattan 10/7/2022-Until Filled
Community Coordinator 559283 Community Coordinator Manhattan 11/4/2022-Until Filled
Program Lead 556168 Associate Staff Analyst Manhattan 11/23/2022-Until Filled
Public Realm Planner 562585 City Planner Manhattan 12/1/2022-Until Filled
Project Lead - Bike Unit 565378 Assistant Civil Engineer Manhattan 12/29/2022-Until Filled
Corridor Planner - Public Spaces 567304 Associate Urban Designer Manhattan 1/25/2023-Until Filled
Senior Planner 567116 City Planner Manhattan 3/6/2023-3/20/2023
Markings Inspector 577752 Service Inspector Queens 3/8/2023-3/22/2023
Transportation Policy Analyst* 576706 Associate Staff Analyst Manhattan 3/8/2023-3/22/2023
Transportation Specialist 576275 Transportation Specialist Manhattan 3/8/2023-3/22/2023
Vision Zero Data Scientist 578063 Confidential Strategy Planner Manhattan 3/9/2023-3/23/2023
Freight Program Lead 577109 City Planner Manhattan 3/15/2023-3/29/2023
Associate Landmarks Preservationist 576244 Associate Landmarks Preservation Manhattan 3/16/2023-3/29/2023
Public Realm Planner 577815 Strategic Initiative Specialist Manhattan 3/16/2023-Until Filled
Capital Coordinator - Bike Unit 575724 Transportation Specialist Manhattan 3/17/2023-Until Filled

*Position listed under various Job IDs and Civil Service Titles, visit nyc.gov/jobs for additional information.


Interested in an internship or college aide position at NYC DOT? Please email NYC DOT’s Human Resources team at internships@dot.nyc.gov.

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