Alternate Side Parking

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Many streets in New York City have alternate side regulations, which allow for street cleaning. Most alternate side parking signs are clearly marked with signs featuring a "P" crossed by a broom. Some areas have three-hour restrictions (e.g., 8am to 11am) but times vary considerably.

The City suspends alternate side parking rules on the legal and religious holidays listed below, and makes emergency suspensions because of severe weather or other emergencies.

Some metered parking zones have alternate side parking rules. When alternate side parking is suspended for a holiday or other reason, the parking meters remain in effect.

Alternate Side Parking Suspensions

There are multiple ways to find out about alternate side parking suspensions:

Emergency Suspensions

Alternate side regulations may be changed because of inclement weather or emergencies. NYC DOT and the Department of Sanitation carefully consult weather reports before and during snowfalls in order to determine whether suspension is necessary. As weather patterns can change quickly, this decision must sometimes be made late in the day. After a snowfall, alternate side parking regulations will be restored so that plows can begin removing snow and ice from curbside lanes. Plowing helps to clear parking lanes and catch basins, which reduces the chance of melting snow flooding streets, and also helps return street cleaning operations back to normal.

To stay up-to-date on emergency suspensions, sign up for email alerts or follow @NYCASP on Twitter.

2024 Alternate Side Parking Suspension Calendar

This calendar lists the legal and religious holidays with scheduled alternate side parking suspensions. The City also suspends alternate side parking rules due to weather and emergencies.

On major legal holidays, stopping, standing, and parking are permitted except in areas where stopping, standing, and parking rules are in effect seven days a week (e.g., “No Standing Anytime”). Parking meter regulations are also suspended on major legal holidays. The major legal holidays are New Years’ Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. On all other holidays, only street cleaning rules are suspended, and other regulations remain in effect.

Alternate Side Parking Rules: 2024 Suspension Calendar (pdf) قواعد ركن السيارات الجانبية البديلةتقويم أيام التعليق لعام 2024 বিকল্প সাইড পার্কিং এর নিয়মাবলী 2024 সাসপেনশন ক্যালেন্ডার 換邊停車規則 2024 年暫停實施日一覽表 Règles sur le stationnement alterné - Calendrier des jours de suspension 2024 Κανόνες εναλλακτικής πλευρικής στάθμευσης - Ημερολόγιο αναστολής εφαρμογής κανόνων για το 2024 Règ Pakin Bò Altène - Kalandriye Sispansyon pou Ane 2024 Disposizioni sul parcheggio su lati alterni - Calendario sospensioni 2024 도로변 주차 부칙 - 2024년 주차제한 일정 Przepisy dotyczące naprzemiennego parkowania - Kalendarz zawieszenia przepisów w roku 2024 Правила парковки на разных сторонах улицы - Календарь временного изменения правил парковки на 2024 год Reglas de estacionamiento en lados alternos - Calendario de suspensión de 2024 Правила паркування на різних сторонах вулиці - Календар тимчасової зміни правил паркування на 2024 рік متبادل سائیڈ پارکنگ کے اصول 2024 کا سسپنشن کیلنڈر אלטערנעט זייט פארקינג רעגולאציעס 2024 סוספענשען קאלענדער

Import the 2024 NYC ASP Calendar

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*Major Legal Holiday

2024 Alternate Side Parking Suspension Calendar

Date Holiday
Monday, January 1 New Year’s Day*
Saturday, January 6 Three Kings’ Day
Monday, January 15 Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday
Friday, February 9 Lunar New Year’s Eve
Saturday, February 10 Lunar New Year
Monday, February 12 Lincoln’s Birthday
Wednesday, February 14 Ash Wednesday
Monday, February 19 Washington’s Birthday (Pres. Day)
Sunday, March 24 Purim
Thursday, March 28 Holy Thursday
Friday, March 29 Good Friday
Wednesday-Thursday, April 10-11 Idul-Fitr (Eid Al-Fitr)
Tuesday-Wednesday, April 23-24 Passover
Monday-Tuesday, April 29-30 Passover (7th/8th Days)
Thursday, May 2 Holy Thursday (Orthodox)
Friday, May 3 Good Friday (Orthodox)
Thursday, May 9 Solemnity of the Ascension
Monday, May 27 Memorial Day*
Wednesday-Thursday, June 12-13 Shavuoth (2 Days)
Monday-Tuesday, June 17-18 Idul-Adha (Eid Al-Adha)
Wednesday, June 19 Juneteenth
Thursday, July 4 Independence Day*
Tuesday, August 13 Tisha B’Av
Thursday, August 15 Feast of the Assumption
Monday, September 2 Labor Day*
Thursday-Friday, October 3-4 Rosh Hashanah
Saturday, October 12 Yom Kippur
Monday, October 14 Columbus Day
Thursday-Friday, October 17-18 Succoth (2 Days)
Thursday, October 24 Shemini Atzereth
Friday, October 25 Simchas Torah
Friday, November 1 Diwali
Friday, November 1 All Saints’ Day
Tuesday, November 5 Election Day
Monday, November 11 Veterans Day
Thursday, November 28 Thanksgiving Day*
Monday, December 9 Immaculate Conception
Wednesday, December 25 Christmas Day*

Temporary Suspensions

Alternate side parking regulations may be suspended temporarily in parts of the City in order to post new regulations. When the Department of Sanitation must change street cleaning rules, regulations are suspended temporarily to allow NYC DOT to update signs in the affected area. These suspensions do not affect parking rules other than alternate side parking rules.

When the new signage has been posted, the Department of Sanitation provides a weeklong grace period during which its crews will clean streets according to the newly posted schedule, but will not issue summonses. At the conclusion of the grace period, enforcement of the new rules begins.

Park Slope Alternate Side Parking Suspension Study

During the summer of 2008, NYC DOT suspended ASP in Park Slope, Brooklyn. The study found that the suspension caused minimal impact on traffic and parking conditions in that neighborhood.