Language Access

The NYC DOT Customer Service, Language Access and Correspondence Unit (CSLACU) develops policy to guide the agency in delivering agency-wide language services according to Mayoral Citywide initiatives, Local Laws and Executive Orders.

By providing a full range of language services, we ensure all New Yorkers have access to NYC DOT services.

CSLACU services include:

  • Translations of
    • Essential NYC DOT documents
    • NYC DOT Licenses, Permits, and Registrations
    • Mayoral Initiatives
  • Interpretations at NYC DOT Outreach Events and Town Halls
  • American Sign Language Interpretation (ASL) and Communication Access Real-time Translation (CART) services at NYC DOT meetings and events
  • Plain language implementation in NYC DOT documents
  • Multi-language signage at Public Service Centers (PSCs)
  • Telephonic Interpretation available at PSCs and through NYC DOT operational units’ Language Access Database (LAD)
  • Staff training

NYC DOT Language Access Implementation Plan for 2021 (pdf)

Contact Language Access Coordinator, Moussa Kouyate

If you have a translation request or issue, please contact NYC DOT’s Language Access Coordinator. You may also submit your request online via the Contact the Commissioner form.

Phone: 212-839-7115