Street Safety Tips

New York City's streets are shared by many. Here are a few tips to make your trip safer.

Visit for information about NYC's Vision Zero street safety initiative.

Do the New York Twist

Learn how to keep our cyclists safe with this one simple move!

Audio Description: NYC DOT and TLC teamed up to remind passengers and drivers of the dangers of dooring when exiting a vehicle. Three passengers enter different vehicles, put on their seatbelts, and take a ride in a taxi or car around New York City. When the passengers arrive at their destination, they remove their seatbelt and do "The New York Twist" — they reach across their body with their far hand to open the door slowly. While doing this twist, the passengers see oncoming cyclists and wait to let the cyclist pass safely before opening their door and exiting the vehicle.


Slow Down

  • New York City's speed limit is 25 MPH unless otherwise posted
  • A pedestrian struck at 30 MPH is twice as likely to be killed than if struck at 25 MPH

Pause and Wait Before Turning

  • Go slow – a safe turning speed is 5 MPH
  • Expect people to be in the crosswalk every time

Share the Road

  • Look for and expect pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles at all times
  • Always yield to pedestrians and cyclists
  • Do the New York Twist: Reach with your far hand to open your door slowly, to avoid "dooring" a cyclist
  • Do not park or idle in bike lanes

Buckle up!

  • All passengers must buckle up regardless of where they sit in a vehicle
  • All children under the age of 8 must be restrained in a child safety seat (car seat) or booster seat

Make sure your child's car seat is installed correctly, learn about NYC DOT's free car seat fitting events or appointments.

Professional Drivers

Truck Drivers

  • Slow down and give pedestrians and cyclists space
  • Before making a turn, scan the intersection ahead for potential hazards – turn slowly
  • If a cyclist appears alongside your vehicle, allow them to pass before you go

Watch "I See You: Safety for Trucks & Other Large Fleet" Video

Taxi and For-Hire-Vehicle Drivers


Watch for Turning Vehicles

  • Be especially alert for vehicles turning left and make sure you can be seen
  • Three out of four crashes occur at intersections

Look in All Directions

  • Don't assume drivers see you
  • Look around for anything unexpected, even if the signal is in your favor

Learn more about NYC DOT's safety education and outreach programs for children, parents, educators and senior citizens


Stay Visible

  • Use a white headlight and a red taillight at night
  • Don't pass vehicles when they are turning, especially large vehicles with blind spots
  • Wear brightly colored clothing for daytime riding

Ride in the Direction of Traffic

  • Obey traffic signs and signals
  • Do not weave in and out of traffic
  • Make sure the driver sees you before you turn or ride in front of a turning vehicle

Animation Description: Red car slows down as it approaches an intersection, puts on turn signal, begins to turn left and stops to allow for pedestrians to finish crossing the street. The red car drives on once the crosswalk is clear. Traffic signals change & cross traffic moves.


Wear Appropriate Gear

  • Always wear a helmet to protect against severe head injuries
  • Protective gear saves lives – wear proper eye protection, jacket, pants, gloves and boots

Get Legal

Slow Down

  • NYC's speed limit is 25 MPH unless otherwise posted

Stay in Your Lane

  • Motorcyclists are entitled to the full use of a lane
  • Lane splitting is not legal in New York
  • Always signal before you turn

More safety tips for motorcyclists from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Hear from fellow riders about the importance of training and riding legal