Design-Build: East 183rd & East 188th Street Over Metro-North Railroad

  • PASSPort Pin: TBD
  • Type: Design-Build
  • Anticipated Contract Amount: $70,000,000
  • Location: Bronx
  • Anticipated Procurement Schedule: Spring 2024 to Spring 2025
  • Status: Pre-Procurement
  • Contact: Udayakumar Dommaraju at

The East 183rd Street Bridge and East 188th Street Bridge are single span bridges crossing over the Metro-North Railroad between Park Avenue South and Park Avenue North in the Bronx.

Each of the structures carries two lanes of traffic, sidewalks on the north and south sides of the bridge, and they cross over four active rail tracks operated by MTA Metro-North Railroad.

The bridges exhibit poor deck conditions with efflorescence, spalling, and exposed rebars, as well as active steel corrosion and concrete deterioration. To address these deficiencies, replacement of these bridges is necessary.

Scope of Work

  • Bridge replacement
  • Protection or relocation of all existing utilities on the bridges, as per utility companies’ requirements.
  • Protection or relocation of all existing electrical systems on the bridge and/or within project limits as necessary during construction.

Anticipated Project Schedule

  • Request for Qualifications Release: Spring 2024
  • Notice to Proceed: Fall 2025

Project Documents