Construction Safety Presentations

2023 build safe | live safe Conference Presentations

2022 NYC Construction Code Sidewalk Shed Requirements & Pedestrian Protection Updates

Office of Alternative Energy: Facts, Functions & Resources

Code Jeopardy: Reviewing the 2022 Code

Building Electrification Law: Implementation, Timeline & Filing

Parking Structures: The Parallels of Code & Inspection

Underpinning Filing Requirements

Local Law 97: Compliance, Resources & Understanding Requirements

Lot Line Construction Code Requirements

NYC Administrative & Building Codes Site Safety Plan Requirements

2022 build safe | live safe Conference Presentations

Construction Safety Report Card

Next Generation of Construction Codes: 2022 Code Revision Overview & DOB Major Projects Program

2022 NYC Building Code: Accesibility

Code Updates: Combustible Exterior Wall Coverings

Mass Timber

Chapter 33: 2022 Code Revision Highlights

NYC Department of Buildings' Innovation Challenges

Electrical Changes & Other Requirements

Parking Structures: The Ins & Outs of the New Code and Rule

Cold Form Steel: Local Law 148 of 2021, Case Studies & Common Errors

Energy Code Compliance

Underpinnings & Geotechnical Peer Review

2022 Code Updates for Fire Protection

2022 Changes to Mechanical, Fuel, Gas & Plumbing Codes

Tenant Protection Plans: Detailed Requirements & Recent Updates

2022 New York Build Expo Presentations

2021 FALL Digital Safety & Sustainability Conference

2021 SPRING Digital Safety & Sustainability Conference

2020-21 Construction Retrospective

Construction Safety Legislation Overview

Upcoming Licensing Changes

Local Law 97 Adjustments Program

Underpinning & Support of Excavation

Concrete Safety

General Construction & Demo Site Safety

Site Safety & Demolition Code Requirements

19th Century Corner Lot Buildings

Deterioration of Construction Materials in NYC

Construction Safety: Outrigger Scaffold (Thrust Out) Platforms & Supported Scaffolds

Cranes & Derricks: Safety Issues

Facade Inspection Safety Program (FISP)

Safety Compliance Filings Requirements

Protecting Tenants During Construction

2020 Digital Safety, Innovation & Sustainability Conference

Construction Safety Report Card

15 Years of Construction Incidents

Accessibility in Residential Buildings

Storefront Accessibility

Commercial Provisions of the NYCECC

Residential Provisions of the NYCECC

Tenant Protection Plan Requirements for Occupied Buildings

NYC TR8 Inspections & Reporting

Updates to Sustainability Building Laws

Construction Safety: Code Review & Case Studies

Demolition Plan Requirements & Common Errors

Cranes: Risk Mitigation

Elevators Door Lock Monitoring & Energy Code Compliance

Changes to the Façade Rule - FISP

Retaining Walls & Parking Structures

Evaluation of Adjacent Buildings: Know Your Neighbor and Keep Them SAFE

DOB NOW & Department Service Updates

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Chapter 33 Presentations

Elevator Presentations

Façade, Retaining Wall & Parking Structure Presentations

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