Construction Safety

The New York City Department of Buildings’ mission of safety and transparency – holding the industry accountable for the safety of workers and the general public – works to ensure safe development. Chapter 33 of the NYC Construction Codes outlines these safeguards.

Regulations include: a ban on smoking at construction sites; registration with the Department for Contractors performing certain types of construction; demolition and concrete work; uniform color-coding of sprinkler and standpipes; and new safety training requirements. Daily inspections of high and low-rise construction sites, demolitions, pre-demolitions, and excavations, sidewalk sheds, scaffolds of all types, and alterations, are done to ensure the work at these sites is being performed safely, is Code-compliance, and that public safety is at the fore front.

Plan examiners review site safety plans to proactively identify potential issues, examine proposed alternative safety systems, process requests for site safety waivers and audit professionally certified Alteration Type 3 façade plans.

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