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Press Release #12-09

Alternate Side Parking Regulations to be Suspended in Parts of Sunset Park, Greenwood Heights, and Windsor Terrace Sections of Brooklyn Community District 7 Starting Monday, Mar. 26 as DOT Posts New, Reduced Street-Cleaning Regulations

Effective Monday, March 26, 2012, Street Cleaning/Alternate Side Parking (ASP) Regulations will be temporarily suspended in parts of the Sunset Park, Greenwood Heights, and Windsor Terrace sections of Brooklyn Community District 7 for approximately 12 weeks as the Department of Transportation (DOT) installs signage for the first of two implementation phases for the new, reduced regulations. Approximately 4,600 ASP signs in the area will be installed during this phase, reducing residential street cleaning parking restrictions from twice a week to just once a week to ease parking for local residents. The new rules were established by the Department of Sanitation at the request of Community Board 7, which becomes the first community to receive reduced parking regulations since legislation passed the City Council allowing for a reduction if streets with the Community District met City standards for cleanliness. To be eligible for such a reduction, the boards must receive an average street cleanliness scorecard rating of at least 90 for two consecutive fiscal years.

Street Cleaning Regulations (all parking signs marked with a broom symbol) will be suspended within the following borders from March 26 until further notice:

  • North: 15th Street (included) from Fourth Avenue to Prospect Park West, Prospect Park Southwest (included) from Prospect Park West to Park Circle, Coney Island Avenue (not included) from Park Circle to Caton Avenue.
  • East: Caton Avenue (not included) from Coney Island Avenue to Fort Hamilton Parkway, Fort Hamilton Parkway (not included) from Caton Avenue to 37th Street. 37th Street (not included) from Fort Hamilton Parkway to 8th Avenue, Eighth Avenue (included) from 37th Street to 61st Street.
  • South:  Long Island Railroad Cut from Eighth Avenue to Fifth Avenue. 65th Street (not included) from Fifth Avenue to Fourth Avenue.
  • West:   Fourth Avenue (included) from 65th Street to 15th Street.

The new regulations will take effect once sign changes are complete in the entire area. The second and final phase of signage installation in CB 7 will begin soon after that. The changes do not affect 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. parking rules or meter regulations, or any other parking rules that are not street cleaning regulations. DOT will give advance notification before enforcement resumes. The public is encouraged to check the DOT's Web site at and to call 311 regularly.  

Prior to the new law, regulations were similarly converted in previous years in Brooklyn’s Community Board 2 and Community Board 6, as well as Community Board 8 in the Bronx.

For more information, please contact 311 or visit the Department of Sanitation’s Web site at, or the Community Board 7 Web site at