Open Streets: Car-Free Earth Day

Car-Free Earth Day is an annual car-free event hosted by NYC DOT. On Saturday, April 20, 2024 from 10am to 4pm, join NYC DOT and others to celebrate Car-Free Earth Day.

Programming is presented at signature and partner produced locations citywide, to promote activism and education surrounding climate change, sustainability, and other relevant topics. The event is also the kick off to the 2024 Open Streets and Public Space Programming season.

Colorful illustration of a green cityscape with trees, butterflies and a cyclist in front of N Y C scenes. Text overlay reads Car-Free Earth Day April 20, 2024 10am to 4pm.

Free Citi Bike Rides

Through the support of Lyft, Citi Bike will offer free unlimited 30-minute rides on a classic Citi Bike on Open Streets: Car-Free Earth Day. All riders may take advantage of the offer.

To redeem your free pass, enter promo code CARFREE24 on the “Daypass” tab of the Citi Bike app.


NYC DOT Signature Locations

Discover Lyubava Kroll’s Keep NYC Green signs on streetlight poles along all Car-Free Earth Day Signature Location routes!

East 188th Street

On East 188th Street from East Fordham Road to Grand Concourse & Creston Ave, Bronx

Activities, Workshops and Presentations

  • Programming by NYC DOT Safety Education
  • NYPD Rock Wall
  • Sports with Police Athletic League
  • Recreation activities and games with Theory Nine
  • Lip gloss making and crafts with We Create Shop
  • Batting Cages by Grand Slam Foundation Inc.
  • Bryant Park Jugglers
  • Biking activity with Unlimited Biking
  • Activity with I Challenge Myself
  • Library information by PJ Library
  • Voting information by NY Conservation Voters
  • Skating with Go Sports NYC
  • Rollerblading clinic with Lets Roll NYC
  • Interactive health activity with Uptown & Boogie Healthy Project
  • Bronx Children's Museum
  • Trivia with Mercado Project
  • NYC DOT Cargo Bike Showcase
  • Balloon sculptures with Wow Airbrush Art LLC
  • Bameso USA Volleyball


  • DJ Fortachon (10 am to 10:30 am)
  • Orisha Wholeness or FFC (10:30 am to 11 am)
  • Gogo Norales (11:15 am to 12 pm)
  • Grupo Batey (12:15 pm to 1 pm)
  • Nkumi Katalay Band (1:15 pm to 2 pm)
  • Nieves Dance Studio (2:15 pm to 2:45 pm)
  • Los Paleros De Nueva York (3 pm to 3:45 pm)
  • DJ Fortachon (3:45 pm to 4 pm)

5th Avenue

On 5th Avenue from 40th Street to 45th Street, Brooklyn

Activities, Workshops and Presentations

  • Programming by NYC DOT Safety Education
  • Curling with Brooklyn Curling
  • Biking information with Get Women Cycling
  • Bead-making and crafts with Urban Glass
  • Biking and safety information with I Challenge Myself
  • Coloring and crafts with We Are Queens Art
  • Interactive pop-ups by StreetLab
  • Sports with Police Athletic League
  • NYC DOT Cargo Bike Showcase
  • Recycling activities and crafts with Playground NYC
  • Crafts, obstacle course and crafts with Zing For Kids
  • Climate activity and crafts with Citizen's Climate Lobby
  • Cultural activity and dance with I AM CARIBBEING
  • Community outreach and crafts by St. Jude Community Center
  • Painting and dancing with Think Place Agency
  • Interactive school activity with Play Pattern LLC
  • Wellness checks and fitness with DozierFit
  • NYPD Rock Wall
  • NYC Parks - Wildlife Unit
  • Transportation jeopardy fame with NYC DOT Mobility Management
  • Clean transportation art projects with Empire Clean Cities
  • Councilmember Alexa Avilés
  • Arts and crafts with Zoescope
  • Brooklyn College
  • Mayor’s Public Engagement Unit – Tenant Support Unit


  • Harmony with Hunter (10 am to 10:45 am)
  • L Train Brass Band (11 am to 11:45 am)
  • Brooklyn Ballet (12 pm to 12:30 pm)
  • Mariachi Tapatio (12:45 pm to 1:15 pm)
  • Band of Others (1:30 pm to 2 pm)
  • Sonder School of Music (2:15 pm to 3 pm)
  • Amira B Band (3 pm to 3:45 pm)


On Broadway from 17th Street to 46th Street, Manhattan


Activities, Workshops and Presentations
  • MTA
  • Screen-printing demonstration by EFA Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop
  • EcoHarmony Art installation by Natalie Colette Wood
  • Learn to Ride class for kids by Bike New York
  • Kelp Parade Art Installation and Activation by Amanda Thackray and Wendell Jeffrey (parades depart 22nd Street at 11 am and 1 pm)
  • Spin Bike Activation
  • DCAS - NYC Fleet (Cargo Bikes)
  • Live mural painting by Museum of Urban Arts
  • Mayor's Public Engagement Unit – Tenant Support Unit
  • NYC DOT Public Realm

Union Square

Activities, Workshops and Presentations
  • Games and activities with NYC DOT Transit Development
  • Advocacy for biking, walking and public transit by Transportation Alternatives
  • New Yorkers for Parks
  • Sustainability activity with Unlitter
  • New York City Commission on Human Rights
  • Kids’ art activities with Open Plans


  • Stacy Dillard (10 am to 11 am)
  • Fogo Azul (3 pm to 4 pm)

Flatiron Open Street

Activities, Workshops and Presentations
  • Climate change education with Citizens Climate Lobby
  • Interactive climate change experience with Space to the People
  • Cycling educational activity by Institute for Transportation and Development Policy
  • in·corpus


  • Jack Glottman (10 am to 10:45 am)
  • Silvan Joray (11 am to 11:45 am)
  • Tilted Axes (12 pm to 1 pm)
  • Satin Dollz (1:15 pm to 2 pm)
  • Matthew Westerby (2:15 pm to 2:45 pm)
  • Dance Entropy (3 pm to 4 pm)

Herald Square Plaza

Activities, Workshops and Presentations
  • Indian cultural art with Akṣarā
  • Movement activity with Dance Project of Washington Heights
  • Crafts for kids with HONK NYC
  • Make your own emergency lights with Play Pattern LLC
  • Chinese cultural activity with HanfuNYC
  • Street tape art with Kuki
  • Sports with Police Athletic League
  • World Cast Live


  • HONK Family Band (1 pm to 1:40 pm)
  • HONK Family Band (2 pm to 2:30 pm)

Times Square Plaza

Activities, Workshops and Presentations
  • NYC DOT Traffic Operations
  • NYC Department of Cultural Affairs
  • NYC DOT Cargo Bike Showcase
  • Shared Studios

Dyckman Street

On Dyckman Street from Broadway to La Marina, Manhattan

Activities, Workshops and Presentations

  • Performances and programming at Quisqueya Plaza
  • Helmet fittings by NYC DOT Safety Education
  • NYC DOT Cargo Bike Showcase
  • NYPD Rock Wall
  • Sports with Police Athletic League
  • Activity and information by Yellow Cab
  • Activity and mental health information by Walks Of Light
  • Football with Van Cortlandt Titans Youth Football Program
  • Creative Art Works
  • Health screenings by Godwin Medical
  • Activations Collective for Arts Music and Dance
  • Batting cages by Grand Slam Foundation Inc.
  • Arts and crafts with Iconos Kids
  • Community programs and stepping demo by Inwood Academy for Leadership
  • Bike riding with Tread Bike Shop
  • Rollerblading with Go Sports NYC
  • Community garden program with The Ring Garden
  • Pet foster/adoption with The Good Life Dog Rescue
  • The American Dream Charter School
  • Canoe program with Inwood Canoe Club
  • Sailing, knot tying activity with Hudson River Community Sailing
  • Bindlestiff Circus
  • ConEdison
  • El Congreso Internacional Dominicano (“Deportivo”)
  • Mayor’s Public Engagement Unit – Tenant Support Unit
  • Águeda Face Painting
  • Youth and adult community programs by Fraternidad de Los Angeles, Inc.

St. Nicholas Avenue

On St. Nicholas Avenue from 181st Street to 190th Street, Manhattan

Activities, Workshops and Presentations

  • NYC DOT’s Trucks Eye View
  • Movement activities and music with Collective for Arts Music and Dance
  • Chess Games with Ray
  • Activities with I Challenge Myself
  • Mental and health screenings with SOMOS Community Care
  • Anti bullying with Pluma Poetica del Arte
  • Soccer games with Fun Fit Kids
  • Activities with Luperon High School
  • Financial information by Northwestern Mutal
  • Writing games and activities with Uptown Stories
  • Yoga and fitness games with ADEUSA
  • Bameso USA Volleyball
  • Drum circle and tap dancers by Jazz Power Initiative
  • Skateboarding and rollerblading with Go Sports NYC
  • Voter registration with Dominicanos USA
  • NYC DOT Cargo Bike Showcase
  • Washington Heights BID
  • NYPD Rock Wall
  • Dominos, Ping pong, karate and board games with El Congreso Internacional Dominicano (“Deportivo”)
  • Vitilla tournament with Dominican Vitilla League
  • Sports with Police Athletic League
  • Learn to Ride class for kids by Bike New York
  • Accordion and tambora lessons by Catholic Charities Alianza Cultural Center
  • Bindlestiff Circus
  • Mayor’s Public Engagement Unit – Tenant Support Unit


  • DJ Bebo (10 am to 10:30 am)
  • Female Fight Club (10:30 am to 11 am)
  • Los Paleros de Nueva York (11:15 am to 12 pm)
  • Morisanna Band (12:15 pm to 12:45 pm)
  • Mariachi Tapatio (1 pm to 1:45 pm)
  • Esencia Modelo (2 pm to 2:30 pm)
  • Ramona Torres (2:45 pm to 3:15 pm)
  • El Rubio Del Acordeón (3:15 pm to 4 pm)

Woodside Avenue

On Woodside Avenue from 75th Street to 78th Street, Queens

Activities, Workshops and Presentations

  • Programming by NYC DOT Safety Education
  • Information for special needs families by Perfect Piece of the Puzzle Inc.
  • Bilingual family activities with Cayena Press Inc.
  • Chinese calligraphy with NY Chinese Cultural Center
  • Interactive games on mental health with Siembra Today
  • Classical guitar activation by Sonder School of Music
  • Coloring and environmental awareness with Blue Bus Project
  • Fitness classes, health, and fitness education with Bodies Divine Fitness
  • STEM building with Girls are Cool with Tools
  • Hudson River information by Waterfront Alliance
  • Afro Caribbean dance workshop with Batingua Dance & Drum Productions LLC
  • Bike information by Queens Bike
  • Spin Bike
  • NYC DOT Cargo Bike Showcase
  • Drawing and painting with Save the People
  • Sports with Police Athletic League
  • Information by Queens Borough President Donovan Richards Jr.
  • Education for women on starting small businesses by Rise Up Women
  • NYC Horticulture
  • Art and culture with Thai Community USA
  • Programs for seniors with Elmhurst Jackson Heights Senior Center
  • Gift bags from Thai Tourism
  • Health kits from Apicha Community Health Center
  • Cultural class brochures by Anurach Thai Dance
  • Canvas painting with Q77 Art Show by City Prints
  • Promoting Asian community unity and culture with OCA NY
  • Promoting free social services and programs for kids with AAPI
  • Gift bags from Korean American Association
  • Free books from Street Books
  • Culture and art with Temple
  • Painting with Asian Arts


  • DJ VERN (10 am to 10:30 am)
  • NY Chen Tai Chi Academy (10:30 am to 11 am)
  • Assae Ya (11:15 am to 11:45 am)
  • AfroLatineers (12 pm to 12:45 pm)
  • Vivarta Indian Dance (1 pm to 1:30 pm)
  • DJ VERN (1:30 pm to 2 pm)
  • Mariachi (2 pm to 2:45 pm)
  • Santiago y La Orquesta (3 pm to 3:45 pm)

Port Richmond Avenue

On Port Richmond Avenue from Post Avenue to Castleton Avenue, Staten Island

Activities, Workshops and Presentations

  • Programming by NYC DOT Safety Education
  • NYC DOT Ferry
  • Environment and garden activation by GlamGardenerNYC
  • Bee information and interaction with Greenstinger Beekeeping
  • Book truck and reading with House of Speakeasy
  • Fitness activation by I Challenge Myself
  • Bameso USA Volleyball
  • Watercolor painting and crafts with Staten Island Children's Museum
  • Literacy information by LINC Literacy for Community
  • NYC DOT Cargo Bike Showcase
  • Crafts and environmental activity with Alice Austen House
  • Interactive school activity by Play Pattern LLC
  • NYPD Rock Wall
  • Sports with Police Athletic League
  • Mayor’s Public Engagement Unit - Tenant Support Unit
  • Beekeeping information and activity by Bee University
  • Angelo Del Toro Puerto Rican Hispanic Youth Leadership Institute
  • Law Office of Charles DeStefano
  • Catholic Charities of Staten Island
  • Champions Martial Arts Staten Island
  • NY State of Health


  • Zumba Instructor (10 am to 10:45 am)
  • Aztec Dance Company (11 am to 11:45 am)
  • George Braith (12pm to 12:45 pm)
  • Huehuetlahtolli And Fusha African Dance Co. (1 pm to 1:45 pm)
  • Mariachi Tapatio (2 pm to 2:45 pm)
  • DJ Got Me Fit (3 pm to 4 pm)

Partner Produced Locations

The Bronx

Decatur Avenue Open Street

On Decatur Avenue from East 194 Street to East 195 Street, Bronx

East 212 Street Open Street

East 212 Street from White Plains Road to White Plains Road, Bronx

Evelyn Place Open Street

Evelyn Place from Aqueduct Avenue East to Grand Avenue, Bronx

Goble Street Open Street

Goble Place from Jerome Avenue to Inwood Avenue, Bronx

Harrod Place Open Street

Harrod Place from Morrison Avenue to Westchester Avenue, Bronx

Jennings Street Open Street

Jennings Street from Chisholm Street to Prospect Avenue, Bronx

Kelly Street

On Kelly Street from 163 Street to Intervale Avenue, Bronx


Albee Square Plaza

On Dekalb Avenue from Fulton Mall to Bond Street, Brooklyn

Berry Street Open Street

Berry Street from Broadway to North 12 Street, Brooklyn

Graham Avenue Open Street

Graham Avenue from Scholes Street to Meserole Street, Brooklyn

Hillel Plaza

On Hillel Place from Nostrand Avenue to Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn

Hoyt Street Open Street

Hoyt Street from State Street to Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn

Jitu K Weusi Plaza

Putnam Avenue at Grand Avenue, Brooklyn

Kensington Plaza

On Beverley Road from East 2nd Street to Church Avenue, Brooklyn

Marcy Avenue Plaza

Marcy Avenue from Fulton Street to MacDonough Street, Brooklyn

Montague Street Open Street

Montague Street from Clinton Street to Montague Terrace, Brooklyn

Myrtle Wyckoff Plaza

On Wyckoff Avenue from Gates Avenue to Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn

Newkirk Plaza

On Newkirk Plaza from Newkirk Avenue to Foster Avenue, Brooklyn

Reed Street Open Street

Reed Street from Conover Street to Van Brunt Street, Brooklyn

Troutman Street Open Street

Troutman Street from Irving Avenue to St Nicholas Avenue, Brooklyn

Underhill Avenue Plaza

On Underhill Avenue from Pacific Street to Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn

Washington/Empire Plaza

Empire Boulevard from Franklin Avenue to Washington Avenue, Brooklyn


Amsterdam Avenue Open Street

Amsterdam Avenue from Cathedral Parkway to West 106 Street, Manhattan

Audubon Avenue Plaza

On Audubon Avenue from West 165 Street to West 166 Street, Manhattan

Audubon Avenue Open Street

Audubon Avenue from West 189 Street to West 190 Street, Manhattan

Avenue B Open Street

Avenue B from East 10 Street to East 8 Street, Manhattan

Bogardus Plaza

On Hudson Street from Reade Street to Chambers Street, Manhattan

Christopher Street Open Street

Christopher Street from 7 Avenue South to Waverly Place, Manhattan

Cooper Street Open Street

Christopher Street from 7 Avenue South to Waverly Place, Manhattan

Doyers St

On Doyers Street from Bowery to Pell Street, Manhattan

Jane Street Open Street

Jane Street from 8 Avenue to Hudson Street, Manhattan

Johnny Hartman Plaza

On Hamilton Place from Amsterdam Avenue to 143 Street, Manhattan

Mulberry Street Open Street

Mulberry Street from Canal Street to Broome Street, Manhattan

Pell Street Open Street

Pell Street from Mott Street to Bowery, Manhattan

Pershing Square Plaza

Park Avenue from East 42 Street to East 41 Street, Manhattan

Spring Street Open Street

Spring Street from Sullivan Street to Thompson Street, Manhattan

West 120 Street Open Street

West 120 Street from Lenox Avenue to Mount Morris Park West, Manhattan

West 159 Street Open Street

West 159 Street from Amsterdam Avenue to Broadway, Manhattan


31 Avenue Open Street

31 Avenue from 33 Street to 35 Street, Queens

34th Avenue Open Street

34 Avenue from 69 Street to Junction Boulevard, Queens

62 Street Open Street

62 Street from Woodside Avenue to Dead End, Queens

Bliss Plaza

Queens Boulevard at 46 Street, Queens

Corona Plaza

On Roosevelt Avenue from National Street to 104 Street, Queens

Lowery Plaza

Queens Boulevard at 40 Street, Queens

Murdock Avenue Open Street

Murdock Avenue from 180 Street to Dead End, Queens

Staten Island

Minthorne Street Open Street

Minthorne Street from Victory Boulevard to Bay Street, Staten Island

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First launched in 2016, Car-Free Earth Day originally converted select Manhattan streets into public plazas and car-free streets for pedestrians, cyclists, and local businesses.

Car-Free Earth Day has expanded to locations throughout the five boroughs – connecting Open Streets, plazas, and accessing over 1,000 miles of NYC's Bike Network! Environmental programming is offered by City agencies and community organizations along the routes to promote activism and education surrounding climate change, sustainability and other relevant topics. NYC DOT is proud to partner with local artists to bring exciting performances to the event.

Visit NYC DOT’s Flickr for images of past Car-Free Earth Day events,

Multiple people gather on a street closed to vehicular traffic and participate in various activities during Car-Free Earth Day.