Public Realm Programming


NYC DOT’s Public Realm Programming initiative showcases a variety of enriching activities available to help activate public spaces across the city. This program connects public spaces, such as plazas and Open Streets, with local organizations to positively engage communities. All activities are free and open to New Yorkers of all ages and abilities.

Through arts, culture, fitness, active transportation, and educational programming, we aim to promote the positive use of public space. With a focus on offering experiences to communities in need, Public Realm Programming supports neighborhoods in NYC DOT Priority Investment and Public Space Priority Areas, as identified in the NYC Streets Plan.

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Types of Programming

Organizations listed in our catalog offer programming in the following categories:

  • Arts, Culture, and Design – Performances such as theater, dance, and singing, crafting workshops, or other types of immersive cultural experiences
  • Cycling, micro-mobility, and active lifestyle – Interactive healthy lifestyle activities such as fitness classes, cycling and micro-mobility group rides or rider education
  • Learning and educational – Outdoor learning opportunities with reading, storytelling, or instructional activities
  • Production services – Stage management, A/V logistics and support of the three categories listed above

Public Realm Programming Partner List

Cover of the Public Realm Programming Partner List feature an image of multiple people enjoying a musical performance on a street closed to vehicular traffic.
Cover of the Public Realm Programming Partner List

Our catalogue is a comprehensive list of organizations available to provide programming in public spaces managed by NYC DOT. All activities on the list are free of charge and suitable for New Yorkers of all ages and abilities.

Download the Public Realm Programming Partner List

Cultural institutions and arts organizations may also apply to host an Open Street

Past Programming Events

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