Size and Weight Restrictions

Commercial vehicles may not travel on parkways. All commercial drivers must use Local and Through truck routes to the intersection nearest their destination. All posted restrictions must be obeyed. Vehicles exceeding any of these dimensions must obtain a daily over-dimensional vehicles permit for each trip (going and coming back). Apply for a daily permit for over-dimensional vehicles

illustration of truck's size and weight restrictions

Tractor-trailer vehicle combinations not exceeding 13′6″ in height, 8′ in width, and 55′ in length can travel on interstates and truck routes. The maximum allowed length of single unit vehicles, such as boxtrucks, is 35′.

Federal STAA vehicles (pdf) not exceeding 13′6″ in height, 8′6″ in width, 48' trailer length, and the lower of the bridge formula weight or 80,000 pounds, moving household goods can travel on interstates and truck routes. STAA vehicles not moving household goods are limited to one-mile access to and from the exit.

Trucks with 53-foot trailers may only travel on the portions of I-95, I-695, I-295, and I-495 that cross the city between the Bronx-Westchester County line and Queens-Nassau County line. 53-foot trailers carrying non-divisible loads must apply for a New York City Permit.

Maximum weight limit for vehicles is 80,000 pounds or less, depending upon axle spacing. Bridges or viaducts may have lower weight limits posted. The legal weights are outlined below. See Section 4-15 (b) (6) thru (10) of the Traffic Rules for more details.

All vehicles must obey posted capacity or height clearance of all structures.

Legal Weights For Trucks with Pneumatic Tires1

Wheels/Axles Weight
Per Inch of Tire Width 800 lbs
Any One Wheel 11,200 lbs
Any One Axle 22,400 lbs
Any Two Axles2 36,000 lbs
3 or More Axles 80,000 lbs3
  1. A Vehicle equipped with solid rubber tires is permitted up to 80% of legal load for pneumatic tires.
  2. When such axles are spaced less than 10 feet, but not less than 46.
  3. Maximum weight limit is computed as 34,000 lbs, plus 1,000 lbs per foot of distance between the first and last axles. 80,000 lbs is the outer limit for all cases.