Design-Build: Belt Shore Parkway over Sheepshead Bay Road, Ocean Avenue, Bedford Avenue, & Nostrand Avenue

  • PASSPort Pin: 84123I0001
  • Type: Design-Build
  • Anticipated Contract Amount: $220,000,000
  • Location: Brooklyn
  • Anticipated Procurement Schedule: Fall 2023 to Fall 2024
  • Status: Shortlist
  • Contact: Udayakumar Dommaraju at

The Belt (Shore) Parkway stretches along the southern shoreline of Brooklyn and Queens.

The four bridges included in this Design-Build project serve as highway crossings for the Belt Parkway. The bridges exhibit deterioration and structural deficiencies, and the roadway corridor contains geometric deficiencies. To address these deficiencies, replacement of these bridges is necessary.

The project will also add safety and multi‐modal improvements to the surface streets and include improvements to the Belt Parkway roadway along the one‐mile stretch between the four bridges.

Aerial image of the Sheepshead Bay neighborhood in Brooklyn, with four circles highlighting the location of four bridges that cross over the Belt Parkway roadway.

Scope of Work

  • Bridge replacements
  • Protection or relocation of all existing utilities on the bridges, as per utility companies’ requirements
  • Protection or relocation of all existing electrical systems on the bridge and within project limits as necessary during construction

Anticipated Project Schedule

  • Request for Qualifications Released: Fall 2023
  • Shortlist Announced: Spring 2024
    • Posillico Civil, Inc.
    • MLJ Contracting Corp and C.A.C Industries (JV)
  • Notice to Proceed: Spring 2025

Project Documents: