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Custodial Parents

To enroll in the child support program, any mother, father, or guardian who cares for a child can go to the Family Court in the borough they live in, regardless of immigration status and where the NCP resides. Parents who receive cash assistance are automatically referred to our Borough Offices for services.

Our services include:

  • Locating the other parent
  • Establishing legal fatherhood (parentage)
  • Establishing child support and medical support orders
  • Collecting and distributing support payments
  • Enforcement of child support orders
  • Connecting NCPs to jobs
  • Offering debt reduction
  • Providing summons service

Even if you believe the noncustodial parent cannot afford to pay child support right now, you should still get a child support order. Establishing legal fatherhood or parentage just by itself can benefit your child.

Establishing custody & visitation orders is done in a separate part of the New York City Family Court. Learn more on the Court's Custody & Visitation webpage. If you would like to discuss whether custody & visitation orders are right for you, OCSS can refer you and the other parent to mediation services. Custody & visitation orders are not required to establish a child support order.

Family Legal Care can support your technology needs with computers, internet access, phones, scanners, printers/fax, and assistance with Court navigation support. Visit for more information.

Want to receive court and child support appointment reminders and information about applicable programs by text message? Text child to 844-429-7512. If you need to contact us, please use one of the methods listed on the Child Support Services page.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I receive child support services?

The NYC Child Support – ACCESS HRA Mobile App can help you enroll in child support services or submit a referral if you are receiving public benefits (watch the video). Alternatively, you can download an application using the links below. You can also call the Child Support Helpline at 888-208-4485 to have an application/referral mailed to you or to request assistance with completing an application/referral. Learn more about how to apply for child support

  • Child Support Application LDSS-5143 (if you are not applying for or receiving Cash Assistance)
    Translations are available in several languages

  • Child Support Application LDSS-4882 (if you receive only Medicaid)

  • If you are applying for or receiving Cash Assistance, call 718-557-1399 to have a child support referral mailed to you. You can also use the mobile app to apply for services or request a copy of the form by emailing with subject "LDSS-5145".

  • Submit the application/referral by email to (Add LDSS-5145, LDSS-5143, or LDSS-4882 in the subject line, whichever one you are submitting)

    or by mail to:

    ATTN: LDSS-5145, LDSS-5143, or LDSS-4882 (please only write out the one you are submitting)
    PO Box 830
    Canal Street Station
    New York, NY 10013

Alternatively, you may be eligible to participate in the Child Support Stipulation Agreement Program (CSSAP). CSSAP can simplify the child support process and may reduce the time you spend in Family Court.

To determine if child support is right for you, please review: Information for all potential child support applicants about getting child support safely. Learn more about Domestic Violence.

Family Safety Questions (LDSS-5226)

I Have a Child Support appointment - for Cash Assistance Applicants and Recertifications

Not responding to a child support notice or missing a child support appointment may result in your Cash Assistance benefit being reduced by 25%, loss of Medicaid coverage for yourself, and loss of eligibility for some rental assistance programs. For assistance, please call the phone number on your appointment notice or email OCSS at

I want to stop a sanction

To lift (stop) a sanction, custodial parents need to comply with the requests of the Child Support Program. Contact the local OCSS Borough Office to get more information on how to comply.

Child Support Borough Offices serve as the point of entry into the NYC Child Support Program for parents and guardians applying for or receiving Cash Assistance. They are automatically referred to OCSS for child support services and are required to comply with the Child Support Program in order to receive full Cash Assistance benefits and medical benefits for themselves. Those that do not comply because they do not keep their appointment, provide required documentation/information, or appear for a parentage hearing are referred for sanctioning. These clients lose 25% of their cash benefit, Medicaid for themselves, and may not be eligible for some rental assistance programs.

How much child support will I receive?

The amount of child support income received is based on the child support obligation set by the Court. Provided the noncustodial parent pays, the full amount of child support income is distributed to custodial parents, unless they are receiving cash assistance. Cash assistance clients receive up to $100 in child support income with one child and $200 with two children, above their cash assistance benefit amount. In those situations where a child resides in Foster Care, all of the child support income is retained by the DSS.

Advance Child Tax Credit

To help families during COVID, the U.S. government made changes to the Child Tax Credit (CTC). Families can get half of the fully refundable credit–worth up to $3,600 per child–as monthly payments in 2021 and the other half as a refund in 2022. Child Tax Credit payments began on July 15, 2021.

Translated CTC Posters and Flyers are available online.


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