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Important COVID-19 Information

    • End of COVID-19 Emergency Allotments to SNAP Households: Because of a change in federal law, the SNAP Emergency Allotments will stop after the February 2023 deposits. This means that households currently receiving SNAP benefits will only receive one SNAP deposit in the first half of the month starting in March. Households will not receive a second SNAP monthly deposit in the later part of the month (after the 15th). Read more for additional information.

    • Recertifications: If you receive a Cash Assistance or SNAP recertification notice by mail or an ACCESS HRA alert that you need to recertify, you must submit your recertification or your benefits will stop. You can use ACCESS HRA, fax, mail, or a drop box at open centers to submit your recertification. Please make sure that we have your correct phone number. You can check it and update it on ACCESS HRA website or the ACCESS HRA Mobile App. Learn about the ways you can submit your recertification and supporting documents.

    • Medicaid: Medicaid cases with authorization ending in March 2020 through May 2023 will be automatically extended.

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