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Community Partners

Community Partners

The City of New York's Human Resources Administration (HRA) is committed to collaborating with our community partners to address poverty and income inequality, and providing New Yorkers and their families with the social services and economic opportunities they need to thrive.
One of our latest innovations— the ACCESS HRA website and mobile app— helps applicants and New Yorkers already receiving or seeking to receive public assistance to manage their benefits without having to visit an HRA Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or HRA Benefits Access Center.

With Using the ACCESS HRA website and the mobile app, New Yorkers can:

  • apply for SNAP;
  • submit an electronic Cash Assistance or SNAP recertification form;
  • submit a SNAP Periodic Report;
  • upload required documents digitally;
  • manage their benefits; and
  • keep track of important dates, such as the deadline for recertifying their case.

These innovative tools give clients more freedom to interact with HRA in the way that works best for them. They also help HRA ensure that clients remember important deadlines and continue to receive the benefits they are qualified to receive.

HRA needs community partners like you to help spread the word about ACCESS HRA. You can also help applicants and clients access these tools. There are a few key ways for our community partners, like you, to get involved, and HRA provides a range of resources to help you, help clients with ACCESS HRA.

Help New Yorkers Stay Informed about HRA Services During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Download HRA's COVID-19 Social Media Toolkit to help us spread the word about services that clients can access without leaving home through the ACCESS HRA website and mobile app, along with other important announcements about service changes. Thanks for helping us share this important information.

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