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Child Support Calculator: Get an Estimate of Your Order

Use the Child Support Calculator to get an idea of how much child support a noncustodial parent might be ordered to pay or a custodial parent may receive in New York State.

The Child Support Standards Act [(FCA) § 413 (1)(f))]was developed to ensure that child support orders in New York State are fair and consistent. The goal is to give children the same standard of living they would have if their parents were together.

Read Facts About the Calculator

  • The calculator is not a true guidelines calculator and does not account for deductions and all the components of income as described in the Child Support Standards Act.
    • For a more detailed child support calculator, go to Post-Divorce Maintenance/Child Support – Online Calculator, maintained by the New York State Family Court.
    • Deductions from income may include, but are not limited to, taxes paid, unreimbursed employee business expenses, alimony to another spouse or a spouse who is a party, court ordered child support for another child, public assistance, and supplemental security income.

  • This calculator provides an estimate for incomes above the NYS Self-Support Reserve ($19,683 in 2023) and above the Federal Poverty Income Guideline ($15,060 in 2024).
    • Individuals earning less than the Poverty Income Guideline may be eligible for a poverty order, which could result in an obligation of $25 per month and maximum amount of arrears accruals.
    • Individuals earning less than the Self-Support Reserve but above the Poverty Income Guideline may be eligible for a minimum order, which could result in an obligation of $50 per month. An individual may also receive a minimum order ($50 per month) if their earnings are above the Self-Support Reserve but their child support payments bring them below the Self-Support Reserve.

  • The court considers the combined parental income, up to $163,000 and multiplies it by the fixed percentage defined below. A combined parental income above $163,000 is not subject to the guidelines.

  • Number of Children %
    5+at least 35%

  • The calculator does not account for expenses such as childcare, education, healthcare, and other reasonable expenses, which are usually pro-rated based on the parent’s income and ordered in addition to the basic child support amount.

  • The Support Magistrate has the authority to deviate from the Child Support Standards Act guidelines for 10 reasons on any case. The 10 reasons can be found in the Child Support Standards Act.

  • The calculator gives an annual child support estimate. Orders are paid weekly, biweekly, monthly, or bimonthly. To show the annual rate in a different frequency, you can make the annual calculations:
    • Weekly: divide the annual rate by 52
    • Biweekly: divide the annual rate by 26
    • Monthly: divide the annual rate by 12
    • Bimonthly: divide the annual rate by 24


Get the estimated annual support amount*:

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