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May 1, 2023
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NYC DOT and New York Power Authority to Create up to 13 Public Electric Vehicle Fast-Charging Hubs at Municipal Parking Facilities Across New York City

Investment will dramatically increase number of public fast-charging plugs at city facilities and bring high-speed charging to underserved parts of the city

New York – The New York City Department of Transportation (NYC DOT) and New York Power Authority (NYPA) today announced an agreement to create up to 13 electric vehicle (EV) fast-charging hubs at municipal parking facilities across the city. Collectively, the hubs will feature roughly 50 fast-charging plugs. This investment will accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles across the city, provide more equitable access to charging, and advance Mayor Eric Adams' administration's plan to transition 100,000-plus high-volume for-hire vehicles to zero-emissions by 2030. Once installed, these chargers will bring the city closer to achieving the Adams Administration's goal of all New Yorkers living within 2.5 miles of a fast-charger by 2035, recently announced in PlaNYC: Getting Sustainability Done. The chargers will also help achieve New York State's target that all new passenger cars, pick-up trucks, and SUVs sold in the state be zero-emissions by 2035.

"New York City is plugging into a cleaner, greener, and more prosperous future," said New York City Mayor Eric Adams. "The climate crisis is urgent, and our administration has set ambitious goals to electrify all Uber and Lyft trips and ensure every New Yorker lives within 2.5 miles of a fast charger. The public and private sectors must work together to create the infrastructure we need to reach those goals, and this partnership with NYSERDA represents a big step in the right direction."

"The path to reducing transportation emissions is paved with partnerships, NYCDOT and NYPA together will make significant strides towards providing conveniently located fast chargers across the city allowing more New Yorkers to make the transition to electric," said Deputy Mayor of Operations Meera Joshi.

"Achieving a greener transportation future means investing in electric vehicle chargers that will help us say goodbye to fossil fuels," said NYC DOT Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez. "These fast-charging hubs will power our electric vehicle future and advance the Adams Administration's commitment to equity by bringing charging to diverse communities that lack access."

"Thirteen high-speed hubs—with 50 ports—throughout New York City will help ensure that more New Yorkers have access to fast charging near where they live, work and play," said Justin E. Driscoll, NYPA's acting president and CEO. "The New York Power Authority is proud to work with New York City to help further electrify the transportation sector and advance the City's and New York State's aggressive climate action goals. Electric vehicle use is on the rise and we are working diligently together to make sure the public charging infrastructure is one step ahead."

"These new hubs are sited in areas where many for-hire drivers live and work, and they will boost fast-charging availability right at the time the city's for-hire EV fleet is expanding," said Taxi and Limousine Commissioner David Do. "Considered and consistent investments like this are exactly what we need to meet the goal of electrification by 2030."

Locations of Fast-Charging Hubs*

Jerome - 190th St The Bronx 2478 Jerome Avenue
Brighton Beach Brooklyn 220 Brightwater Court
Canarsie Brooklyn 1423 Rockaway Parkway
Bayside Queens 214-17 41 Avenue
Ditmars #1 Queens 220-55 33 Street
Ditmars #2 Queens 22-70 33rd Street
Flushing #2 Queens 38-18 Prince Street
Flushing #4 Queens 134-11 Northern Boulevard
Rockaway Park Queens 248 Beach 116th Street
Rosedale Queens 147-00 Francis Lewis Boulevard
Steinway #1 Queens 30th Avenue & 38th Street
Sunnyside Queens 43-01 48th Street
Sheepshead Bay #2 Brooklyn 1602 Voorhies Avenue

*Pending final feasibility review.

This agreement will dramatically increase the number of publicly accessible fast-chargers available across the city and bring them to underserved neighborhoods lacking fast-charging options. The state-of-the-art 150kW chargers will be compatible with all major electric vehicle models, providing up to 90 miles of range for every 10 minutes of charging. The Power Authority will install, operate, and maintain four to six chargers in up to 13 publicly-accessible NYC DOT parking facilities using New York State/New York Power Authority Evolve NY program funding. This is the largest EVolve NY contract NYPA has negotiated with a municipal partner to date and will have lasting benefits, both economic and environmental, for millions of New Yorkers. The first chargers are expected to come online next year.

New York City Fast-Charging Efforts

New Yorkers are buying more EVs than ever before: 2022 saw a 37% year-over-year increase in EV registrations in the city, with 10,758 new EVs registered in New York City. Access to charging remains one of the key barriers to adoption and concerns of new EV owners. Through its PlugNYC public EV charging initiative, NYC DOT has installed eight fast-chargers across the Delancey-Essex and Court Square parking garages in Manhattan and Queens, with 20 more expected to break ground this year. Since opening the Delancey-Essex chargers at the end of 2021, DOT has seen utilization grow rapidly, reaching 15% in March 2023. Now numbering over 1,300 vehicles, electric taxis and for-hire vehicles have been a critical customer group and receive a 15% discount on charging sessions. By installing fast-chargers in NYC DOT parking facilities, the agency aims to supplement private sector investment in fast-charging and bring charging access to neighborhoods with few current options.

NYPA's EVolve NY Program

This deal will dramatically expand NYPA's EVolve NY fast-charging network, which is bringing high-speed open access charging to key locations along primary travel corridors and in urban areas to encourage the adoption of EVs. More than 100 high speed chargers are currently operational across New York State on the EVolve NY network.

"From helping secure $7.5 billion in EV charging investments in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to for years pushing to increase the accessibility of EV charging stations in Queens, I'm thrilled to see more coming to our borough including in my congressional district," said U.S. Rep. Grace Meng, New York's senior member of the House Appropriations Committee. "Fast charging stations promote a cleaner environment and boosting our EV infrastructure is crucial as we continue our efforts to combat the climate crisis. Thank you to the New York City Department of Transportation and New York Power Authority for creating these additional charging hubs across our city."

"With the transportation sector serving as a significant source of emissions in the state of New York, we must do what we can to transition off of fossil-fuel-powered transit," said State Senator Kristen Gonzalez. "I am pleased to see the city moving forward with efforts to facilitate EV ownership by making rapid charging stations more prevalent throughout the five boroughs. I look forward to working with the city to ensure that our charging infrastructure prioritizes access and equity."

"As more drivers make the switch to electric vehicles, it's imperative to update our infrastructure so everyone can find a charging station when and where they need one," said State Senator John Liu. "Given the time requirements required for charging vehicles, municipal parking lots in commercial districts like Flushing and Bayside are ideal locations to begin rolling out additional charging stations so customers can shop while they charge. Thank you to the DOT and New York Power Authority for their partnership that will expand our charging infrastructure and help to create a cleaner and greener New York."

"As the state shifts away from fuel-powered vehicles in our quest to reduce carbon emissions, we must build adequate charging hubs to accommodate the rising need. I applaud NYC DOT and New York Power Authority's partnership to create Electric Vehicle fast-charging hubs in municipal parking facilities. The Mayor's initiative to bring all fast-charging stations for electric vehicles by 2035 is laudable", said State Senator Roxanne J. Persaud. "I am pleased one of the hubs will be in Senate district 19."

"This partnership between NYC DOT and the New York Power Authority is a crucial step towards combating the urgent threat of climate change," said State Senator James Sanders Jr. "By installing electric vehicle fast-charging hubs across the city, we are demonstrating our commitment to creating a more sustainable future and reducing harmful emissions. Electric vehicles are the future, and this initiative demonstrates our commitment to making that future a reality."

"It's wonderful to see funding that was allocated by the State of New York go towards helping the City achieve the goal of zero emissions in the coming years," said Assembly Member Pheffer Amato. "Our work in the State Assembly is helping to drive this plan forward and this is truly a great step in the right direction. Our community on the Rockaway Peninsula happily welcomes an electric vehicle fast-charging hub, and looks forward to many more across the Peninsula."

"The announcement of this partnership is in alignment with our work in the state legislature to move our state away from fossil fuels and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our state. We need to transition from gas-powered vehicles to electric vehicles if we are going to meet the goals of the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA)," said Assembly Member Jessica González-Rojas. "As a member of the Assembly's Environmental Conservation Committee, this is a major priority for me both in Albany and locally. I look forward to following the progress of this partnership and to supporting our work to make all of New York State's vehicles zero-emissions by 2035."

"One obstacle standing in the way of more New Yorkers making the switch to clean energy electric vehicles is the lack of charging hubs throughout the five boroughs," said Council Member Mercedes Narcisse. "So, I am delighted that the NYC DOT and New York Power Authority are partnering to place 13 fast-charging hubs in municipal parking lots across our city, with one right here in District 46. This should help encourage drivers to make the switch to EVs and help build a greener New York City."

"If the city intends to meet its ambitious climate plan and drastically reduce its carbon footprint, both private and commercial electric vehicles will be a major component," said Council Member Sandra Ung. "However, without the infrastructure to charge electric vehicles, they will never become a practical alternative to the current fuel-burning cars and trucks. I am pleased the city has chosen the municipal lot on Prince Street in Flushing as one of the 13 locations to receive a new fast-charging hub."

"We applaud New York City Department of Transportation Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez and New York Power Authority Acting President and Chief Executive Officer Justin Driscoll for joining the forces of PlugNYC and Evolve NY to expand the number of electric vehicle fast-charging hubs across the city, particularly in underserved neighborhoods," said Alia Soomro, Deputy Director of New York City Policy for the New York League of Conservation Voters. "By providing greater and more equitable access to EV charging, NYC DOT and NYPA are helping accelerate New York's transition to a cleaner, more sustainable transportation sector."