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Press Release #13-062

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Mayor Bloomberg, NYC DOT Commissioner Sadik-Khan Release Report on Six Years of Building the Safest Streets in City History, Implementing Innovative Roadway Redesigns That Have Expanded Travel Options, Saved Lives and Enhanced Economic Vitality

New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan today released Sustainable Streets: 2013 and Beyond, demonstrating unprecedented progress made since the release of its 2008 strategic plan to make New York City’s streets safer, expand low-cost transportation options and make the city’s streetscapes more attractive and economically vibrant. According to detailed analysis in the report, 180 acres of former roadway in New York City have been reprogrammed for innovative uses such as plazas, expanded pedestrian medians along busy corridors and the expansion of bike lanes, part of the 365 miles installed citywide since 2007. The report, which Commissioner Sadik-Khan will deliver tonight at an event at the American Institute of Architects, presents metrics showing how New York City has become the safest big city in the nation, with fatalities dropping 30% over the last decade, as numerous safety redesigns across the city lead to significant long-term reductions in traffic crashes. The report is available at DOT also unveiled a new Web portal,, which includes an interactive map that lets users view the locations of safety, mobility, pedestrian and state-of-good-repair projects implemented over the last six years across all five boroughs.

“From acres of plazas and bikes lanes to faster bus service to safety gains for students and seniors, this report chronicles how the nuts and bolts of roadway redesigns became the building blocks for a better, safer city,” said Commissioner Sadik-Khan. “It’s a report on milestones already reached, but also a roadmap for the future, showing the way to the even safer, human-scaled streets the next generations of New Yorkers deserve.”

“Our Department of Transportation’s innovative approach to sustainable development, safer streets and functional landscapes is a big part of our City’s growing success,” said Mayor Bloomberg. “Under Commissioner Sadik-Khan’s leadership, DOT’s advanced and often groundbreaking methods have made our communities safer and our businesses stronger.”

Key facts from Sustainable Streets: 2013 and Beyond:

  • 30% decline in citywide traffic fatalities since 2001
  • At locations where major engineering changes have been made, fatalities decreased by 34% since 2005
  • 39 acres of New York City driving lanes repurposed for plazas, public seating, refuge islands, painted extensions, medians and bulb outs
  • 29 neighborhood slow zones implemented or planned
  • Reduced speed zones established at 189 schools
  • Red light cameras added at 50 intersections and new speed radar cameras at 20 locations
  • 21% decrease in crashes after Delancey Street improvements
  • Crashes fell 60% since Safe Streets for Seniors was implemented in the Lower East Side
  • 365 miles of new bike lanes since 2007
  • 573 miles of bike lanes now on New York City streets
  • 73% decrease in risk of serious cycling injuries since 2000
  • 750 benches installed since 2012