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Press Release #06-17

Contact: Kay Sarlin (212) 442-7033
Chris Gilbride

DOT Announces Plans for Downtown Brooklyn Pedestrian Plaza

The New York City Department of Transportation today announced plans for a new pedestrian plaza in Downtown Brooklyn. The plaza will be created by closing Willoughby Street between Adams and Pearl Streets and the Adams Street Service Road at Willoughby Street and will enhance safety along the heavily trafficked pedestrian corridor. Plans for the new plaza will be presented to Community Board 2's Transportation Committee at its Tuesday, March 21st meeting.

Work on a temporary plaza, which will be separated from traffic using planters and will include benches, chairs, tables and bike racks, is scheduled to begin in early May. If the project is successful, a permanent, raised plaza will be constructed, providing nearly 7,000 square feet of new, attractive public space for Downtown Brooklyn.

Because Willoughby Street will be closed between Pearl and Adams Street, it will be changed from a two-way to a one-way street along the eastbound stretch between Pearl and Jay Streets.

The planned plaza sits along a major pedestrian corridor. During the busiest hour of the day, some 2,600 pedestrians pass through the area on their way to the Fulton Mall, mass transit and the expanding Renaissance Plaza.