Seasonal Streets

Seasonal Streets are transformations of streets into pedestrian priority spaces that deliver public space at more precise times to address pedestrian peaks. NYC DOT works with community partners to design and manage the street for multiple uses, from programming and events for pedestrians to managed access and deliveries for businesses. The car-free public space of Seasonal Streets allows for placement of movable furniture and installation of public art. Seasonal Streets can be used as an outreach tool that works towards a permanent change or as a recurring street management tool to prioritize the needs of pedestrians at critical times of the day or year.

Broadway Seasonal Street

In January 2020, Broadway between W 37th Street and W 38th Street was transformed into a winter Seasonal Street. The fully pedestrianized block featured an interactive art installation and more car-free public space in Midtown Manhattan. This Seasonal Street was executed in partnership with the Garment District Alliance.

2020 Broadway Seasonal Street

Each summer since 2017, working in conjunction with the Garment District Alliance, NYC DOT has transformed various blocks of Broadway into pedestrian and cyclist only zones. In 2018, pedestrian volumes increased by 30% during the Seasonal Street.

2019 Broadway Seasonal Street
2018 Broadway Seasonal Street

Nassau Seasonal Street

In December 2019, Nassau Street between Fulton Street and John Street was pedestrianized Mondays through Fridays between noon and 6pm (excluding December 24 and 25). The Seasonal Street featured a holiday market in partnership with the Bronx Night Market, public art, and more car-free public space that prioritized pedestrians.

Nassau Seasonal Street

Bowling Green Seasonal Street

In December 2019, the Bowling Green Shared Street between Broadway and Beaver Street was transformed into a Seasonal Street on Saturdays and Sundays between 11am and 7pm from December 7 through December 22. The Seasonal Street featured expanded seating and pedestrian space.

Doyers Seasonal Street

Since 2017, NYC DOT has worked with the Chinatown Partnership to transform Doyers Street between Pell Street and Bowery into a pedestrian only space every day in the late summer / early fall from 10am to 9pm, allowing for overnight and early morning deliveries. During the 2018 Seasonal Street, Doyers Street saw a 111% increase in pedestrian activity and 69% of businesses saw an increase in foot traffic.

2019 Doyers Seasonal Street
2018 Doyers Seasonal Street