Enhanced Crossings

Enhanced Crossings give pedestrians a safe place to cross the street when there is no traffic signal or stop sign. They are found in low traffic areas near schools, parks and libraries. NYC DOT generally only marks crosswalks that meet U.S. federal guidelines for traffic controls determined by the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). Enhanced Crossings are a standard treatment that meet the community need for marked crossings when traffic controls are not appropriate.

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New York City Rule
Motorists and cyclists must STOP when a pedestrian is in any portion of the roadway, even when they are crossing in an uncontrolled crosswalk that is marked or unmarked. This means vehicles and bicycles must STOP for pedestrians in an Enhanced Crossing.

Enhanced Crossings are only installed at locations that meet specific criteria:

  • Low vehicle traffic
  • Calm streets
  • Very long distances between marked crosswalks with stop signs or signals
  • Near parks, schools, cultural centers or transit connections
*Criteria based on MUTCD Standards, results from FHWA Publication Number HRT-04-100 "Safety Effects of Marked Versus Unmarked Crosswalks at Uncontrolled Locations," and the 2016 NYCDOT Enhanced Crossing Study

All Enhanced Crossings receive a standard treatment:

Enhanced Crossing Crosswalk with High Visibility Crosswalk Markings
High Visibility Crosswalk Markings
Enhanced Crossing Pedestrian Ramps
ADA Compliant Pedestrian Ramps
Enhanced Crossing Pedestrian Warning Sign
Pedestrian Warning Signage
Enhanced Crossings - Daylighting on all Approaches
Daylighting on all Approaches to Enhanced Crossings

Where ever possible, additional traffic calming is included as part of the enhanced crossing treatment.
Some traffic calming examples are:

Enhanced Crossing Speed Bumps
Speed Bumps
Enhanced Crossing Pedestrian Islands
Pedestrian Refuge Islands
Enhanced Crossing Neckdown

Benefits of Enhanced Crossings

  • Delineates preferred pedestrian paths
  • Shortens distances between crossings
  • Makes crossing pedestrians more visible to approaching vehicles
  • Marked lines enhance feeling of comfort for pedestrians

Enhanced Crossings Educational Materials

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Vision Zero/ NYC Dot poster of Enhanced Crossings