Loading Zones

Loading zones provide dedicated curb access for vehicles to load and unload passengers and goods. They help reduce double parking on congested or narrow streets and improve safety and reliability for all road users.

Feedback Map

Map of New York City

NYC DOT is adding loading zones and we want to hear from you!

We are seeking community feedback on locations where people regularly observe double-parking related to delivery and loading activity.

Visit our Loading Zone Feedback Portal to identify locations that you think may benefit from a loading zone.

Types of Loading Zones

New York City has various regulations that allow for loading activity at the curb:

Map of Loading Zones for Commercial Deliveries

Commercial Metered Parking

Commercial Metered Parking offers curbside space for commercial vehicles. Parking at these spaces is time limited and metered. Drivers must pay for parking via the ParkNYC app or at the nearest parking meter. Time-limited, paid parking promotes vehicle turnover and opens the curb to more users in areas of high demand.

Metered Parking - Commercial Vehicles Only signs designate these spaces.

Van parked at the curb with signs designating a Commercial Metered Parking zone.

Neighborhood Loading Zones

Neighborhood Loading Zones (NLZ) reduce double parking on narrow residential streets. NLZs provide space at the curb for:

  • Package deliveries by commercial vehicles
  • Taxi and car service pick-up and drop-off
  • Active loading and unloading of personal vehicles

Previously, No Parking signs and pedestrian-level NLZ signs designated these spaces. As of summer 2023, all new NLZs will be designated using Loading Only signs.

Submit your feedback about NLZs via our webform.

A white FedEx van parks along the curb in front of a residential building besides a No Parking Monday to Friday sign. Lower on the post is a blue Neighborhood Loading Zone sign. White and red “Loading Only” signs designate areas where only loading is allowed at specific times.

Truck Loading Zones

Truck Loading Zones provide curb access for commercial loading and unloading during peak delivery times. Spaces are available in front of businesses such as grocery or supply stores.

Truck Loading Only signs designate these spaces.

People unload boxes from a truck parked in a curbside parking space near a sign that reads Truck Loading Only.

Hotel Loading Zones

Hotel Loading Zones are designated by No Standing signs. They allow drivers to quickly drop off and pick up hotel guests and to load and unload baggage.

Red rectangular street sign with white text saying "No Standing Hotel Loading Zone"

No Parking Regulations

No Parking signs designate areas where vehicles may not park at any time. At these curbside locations drivers may drop off or pick up passengers and load or unload packages or merchandise.

White rectangular street sign with red letters says "No Parking Anytime"

Other Parking Regulations

Additional regulations exist that allow for passenger pick-up and drop-off only. These include Taxi Stands, No Standing, and For-Hire-Vehicle (FHV) Only regulations.

New York City Parking Regulations

Parking Regulations Street Sign Legend

Map of Loading Zones for Commercial Deliveries

This map provides the locations of signs that serve commercial vehicles and the loading and unloading of goods, which include Commercial Metered Parking, NLZs, and Truck Loading Zones.

Map disclaimer: NYC DOT provides this map for informational purposes only. The map is updated daily but may not be reflective of all current posted regulations. Always follow posted signs and meter regulations.

Map Source: Street Sign Work Orders on NYC Open Data

Map Summary

Commercial Loading Zone Signs by Type and Borough

Loading Zone Expansion

The Loading Zone Expansion bill, Local Law 168, was passed in 2021. It requires NYC DOT to:

  • Create a public methodology for determining where loading zones are necessary to enhance safety and reduce traffic congestion;
  • Install 500 total new loading zones citywide annually in 2022, 2023, and 2024; and
  • Publicly post the location of all loading zones citywide.

Local Law 168 also requires NYC DOT to consider input from local community boards, elected officials, and the general public. Mark locations where you have observed double-parking related to delivery and loading activity on the Loading Zone Feedback Portal. Loading Zone Expansion Progress Report