Traffic Signs

NYC DOT prioritizes repairs to signs which have a direct impact on safety. These include Stop, One Way, Do Not Enter and Yield. NYC DOT also prioritizes repairs to certain parking regulation signs if their absence causes confusion. NYC DOT's goal is to repair all safety-related signs within nine business days.

Sign Shop

NYC DOT’s Sign Shop creates the street signs installed throughout the five boroughs of New York City. Learn more about the Sign Shop

Parkway Signs

NYC DOT creates, installs and maintains signage on New York City Parkways. Learn more about NYC Parkway signs

Special Signs

NYC DOT puts up trailblazer, and community identification signs at the request of elected officials, community groups, and other local organizations. Learn more and request a special sign

Stop Signs and Traffic Calming

Stop signs should be used to control traffic flow, not traffic speed. A stop sign tells drivers and pedestrians who has the right of way.

Studies made in many parts of the country show that there is a high incidence of intentional violations where stop signs are installed as "nuisances" or "speed breakers." While speed is reduced in the immediate vicinity of the "nuisance" stop signs, speeds are actually higher between intersections than they would have been if those signs had not been installed. Learn about NYC DOT's toolkit for slowing traffic for safety