Permits By Mail

DOT accepts and processes applications by mail for sidewalk repair by private homeowners. If you are using a contractor to make the repairs, the contractor must file for the permit. To apply by mail, completely fill out and sign the Application for Roadway/Sidewalk Permit (pdf). An Affidavit of Ownership (pdf), which verifies that the person applying for the permit is the homeowner, must also be completely filled in and notarized. No permit will be issued without a complete and notarized affidavit. Translations of NYC DOT Licenses, Permit Applications & Registrations

The completed application, affidavit, a stamped self addressed envelope and a certified check made out to the New York City Department of Transportation for the permit fee (currently $70.00 for up to 300 linear feet) must be mailed to:

Permit By Mail
Permit Management & Construction Control
New York City Department of Transportation
55 Water Street, Concourse
New York, New York 10041

Upon receiving the application, DOT will check it for completeness and mail a permit to the homeowner.

If the permit is being obtained as a result of a sidewalk violation or the dismissal of a sidewalk violation, you must include the violation number on the application (pdf) in the "For The Purpose Of" line. After the completion of the sidewalk repair, you must call 311 to request that your local Highway Inspection & Quality Assurance office conduct an inspection of the site.