Construction Project Informational Signs

Construction project informational sign template<
construction project informational sign template

DOT permittees are required to post information signs for projects with a projected completion time of three months or more. Download a sign template (pdf)

Signs are required for projects such as:

  • Roadway Reconstruction
  • Major installation or upgrade of sewer/water systems
  • Installation or upgrade of transit stations or lines
  • Bridge reconstruction
  • Major utility installation


Signs must be posted at both the beginning and end of the work area with a minimum of one such sign posted on each segment, and must be easily visible and readable by pedestrians, unless otherwise directed by the Commissioner. Signs must be kept in good condition.

All projects requiring a New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) permit and where a construction or demolition site is enclosed with a fence, or a sidewalk shed is installed, must comply with the signage requirements of Local Law 47 of 2013 and do not require DOT’s construction project informational signs. Read more about DOB construction sign rules


Signs much be made of a durable and waterproof material, such as, vinyl, plastic or aluminum.

Signs must be two feet four inches wide by four feet long.

Type on signs must be in Calibri or a similar sans-serif typeface, with letters a minimum of 1″ high as measured by the upper case character, with ½″ line spacing of half of an inch. Writing shall be white on a blue background matching Pantone 296, or RGB 15, 43, 84, or CMYK 100, 88, 38, 35.