Movable Bridges over Smaller Waterways

Mill Basin Bridge

View of the Mill Basin Bridge

The Mill Basin Bridge is a double leaf trunnion bascule supporting the Belt (Shore) Parkway over Mill Basin in the Borough of Brooklyn. Each leaf carries six lanes of traffic - three in each direction. There is a sidewalk on each side of the leaf.

Mill Basin Bridge Facts

  • Bridge ID Number: 2-23147-9
  • Borough: Brooklyn
  • Type: Bascule
  • Location: Exits 11 & 12, Belt Parkway
  • Waterway: Mill Basin
  • Miles from Mouth: 0.8
  • Channels: 1
  • Used by: Highway
  • Total Cost: $1,390,000.00
  • Date Opened: Jun. 29, 1940

Roosevelt Island Bridge

View of the Roosevelt Island Bridge

The Roosevelt Island Bridge is a tower drive, vertical lift, movable bridge across the East Channel of the East River between the borough of Queens and Roosevelt Island, New York City. The span length is 418 feet. It was known as the Welfare Island Bridge when it was first opened to traffic in 1955. The bridge is the only means of vehicular access to Roosevelt Island. Prior to construction, the bridge carried two 17-foot lanes of vehicular traffic and a 6-foot sidewalk. The bridge is used by both pedestrians and vehicles with increased volume during rush hours. The Queens approach begins at the intersection of Vernon Boulevard and 36th Avenue.

Roosevelt Island Bridge Facts

  • Bridge ID Number: 2-24064-0
  • Borough: Manhattan/Queens
  • Type: Vertical Lift
  • Location: Vernon Boulevard & Main Street
  • Waterway: East River (East Channel)
  • Miles from Mouth: 6.4
  • Channels: 1
  • Used by: Highway
  • Total Cost: $6,498,255.13
  • Date Opened: May 18, 1955