Street Banner Permits

NYC DOT issues permits for banners that hang from street lights and other property in NYC DOT's jurisdiction. Banners must promote a public event or a cultural exhibit. Business improvement districts and local development corporations may also install banners to promote their areas.

The number of banners to be installed and the location of each banner must be approved by the Commissioner. All costs associated with the installation, maintenance and removal of banners are the responsibility of the permittee. Download the application for a banner permit (pdf) Translations of NYC DOT Licenses, Permit Applications & Registrations For further information, call 212-839-6633.

Banner Specifications

Vertical Only

Horizontal banners are not permitted. Vertical banners shall be not more than three (3) feet wide and not more than eight (8) feet in length. All banners must have air slits. Double banners (two banners on the same pole) are only permitted if they collectively do not exceed 24 square feet.

No Advertisements

Banners shall contain no advertisements. The trade name or logo of the sponsor of the event (if applicable) shall occupy no more than ten percent (10%) of the lower portion of the banner.


NYC DOT requires that all banners be installed using a load limiting banner bracket. The load limiting banner bracket allows for banners to be placed near Mobile Telecom Franchise (MTF) equipment and other NYC DOT approved third party attachments.

Written certification that the banner will be installed and later removed by a licensed rigger must be submitted with the application. Drilling of lampposts or welding of bracket supports is not permitted. All mounting hardware must be of corrosion resistant material. Banners shall not be installed so as to obstruct the visibility of signs or signals which may be attached to other lampposts. Banners may not be attached to traffic signal posts or historical lampposts. Ornamental lampposts will require special approval by the Department.

Permit term

Banner permits shall remain in effect for a period of not more than 30 days including installation and removal, and may be renewed at the discretion of the Commissioner. Permits granted to Business Improvement Districts may remain effective for up to 90 days and may be renewed at the discretion of the Commissioner. Banners permitted for more than 30 days must be inspected every 30 days and torn, defaced or banners in general disrepair, including rigging, will be replaced and/or removed.