Blue Adopt a Highway sign on the grassy area alongside the Staten Island Expressway. The Sign Reads: For a Cleaner Greener NY Sponsored By: Island Auto Group

Millions of drivers travel along New York City roads, bridges and highways each year. NYC DOT’s Adopt-A-Highway Program is an opportunity for on-location sponsorship for the businesses, organizations, or individuals that give back to their communities by providing clean and beautiful highways.

Sponsoring a highway is an easy way to make a visible impact on your community and show your pride in being a New Yorker.

  • A cleaner, greener NYC
  • Display your brand 24/7
  • Corporate and social responsibility
  • Partner with the City of New York
Before and after photos of an Adopt-A-Highway Volunteer Site on the side of the Korean War Veterans Memorial Parkway.Before: brown and green grass patches. After: Adopt a Highway Beautification sign now in grass area, along with miniature white picket fence bordering a new planting bed. The Sign Reads:  A Family Affair Realty

Highways may be adopted by:

  • Businesses
  • Individuals
  • Organizations
  • Community groups
  • In memory of an individual

Seven Fire Department/Emergency Medical Service Members standing in front of their Adopt a Highway Beautification sign on the side of the West Shore Expressway. The sign reads  FDNY – EMS Battalion 23

The Adopt-A-Highway Program signage is not a forum for advertising. All sponsors are subject to NYC DOT approval.

Specific Program requirements are detailed in Section 2-21 of the New York City Highway Rules.

There are two ways to be involved:

Blue Adopt a Highway sponsor sign on grassy area near highway. Sign Reads: 
 For a Cleaner Greener NYC 
 Site Available Call (718) 712-7563

There are over 300 businesses, individuals, and organizations helping to make NYC's highways cleaner and greener by sponsoring highway segments (approximately one mile). Sponsors hire an approved maintenance provider to provide regular cleaning, which is monitored by NYC DOT staff.

  • Sponsor coordinates cleaning service fees directly with maintenance provider
  • Maintenance provider must pick-up litter, trim greenery, and maintain sign
  • Optional extra services include maintaining trees or planting flowers*
  • Two year commitment
  • NYC DOT provides an Adopt-A-Highway sign recognizing the sponsor
Blue Adopt a Highway sign being presented on an easel. Sign reads: For a Cleaner Greener NYC Below that is a blank white space with the message  Your Name Here

Most highways under NYC DOT jurisdiction are included in the Adopt-A-Highway Program.

Sponsorship Program Info (pdf) Currently Available Segments (pdf) Current Sponsors (pdf) Approved Maintenance Providers (pdf)

Adopt-A-Highway: Volunteer to Beautify a Site

A group of men wearing orange vests stand in front of their Adopt a Highway sign. The sign reads Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. K B S – Brooklyn Sigma

Volunteer groups, gardening clubs, neighborhood associations, families, and individuals are invited to become partners to help clean and beautify sites near highways.

The Adopt-A-Highway Volunteer Program includes:

  • Cleaning sites twice a month, except when snow covers the ground.
  • Planting and maintaining flowers, grass, and shrubs.*
  • Volunteers put all collected debris in bags and leave the bags by the side of the road for NYC DOT crews to remove.
  • NYC DOT provides vests, gloves, and garbage bags.
  • Sites may be located near highway exits, entrances, or service roads.
  • Free participation for volunteer groups.
  • Two year commitment.
  • NYC DOT posts a Beautification sign acknowledging the volunteer

Information about NYC DOT’s Adopt-A-Highway Volunteer Program (pdf)

*Planting types must be approved by NYC DOT Adopt-A-Highway staff.

Adopt-a-Highway Volunteer Sign

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The New York State Department of Transportation administers its own Adopt-A-Highway program outside of the five boroughs. Learn more about the state program on the NYS DOT Adopt-A-Highway website