Accessible Pedestrian Signals

Accessible Pedestrian Signals (APS) help pedestrians who are blind or have low vision cross the street.

APS devices are installed on poles at sidewalk corners near crosswalks. The device plays a low locator tone to help pedestrians locate the APS. Each APS has a button with a raised arrow pointing in the direction of the crosswalk.

When a person presses the APS button and the Don’t Walk signal is displayed, a voice message will say “wait” followed by a slow audible beep. When the walk interval begins the button vibrates and a rapid beep or voice lets the pedestrian know that the Walk signal is illuminated.

An accessible pedestrian signal affixed to a pedestrian signal pole.

Need Help with an APS?

Call 311 or 212-NEW-YORK (212-639-9675) to report a problem with an APS, or Contact NYC DOT online to report a problem or request a new APS


Download a list of Accessible Pedestrian Signal Locations

New York City is committed to installing and maintaining APS at every intersection across the city.

We install APS at every intersection that has a new traffic signal. When street redesign projects impact traffic signals, we work to add APS at those crossings. We retrofit signals at existing intersections, with priority given to intersections with Leading Pedestrian Intervals or Exclusive Pedestrian Phases, and review new locations requested by the public.

In-house crews install new APS devices year-round, and we hire outside contractors to retrofit signals at existing intersections.

Resources & Reports

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Previous annual reports are archived in the Government Publications Portal


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