Bike Corrals

Bike corrals provide public bike parking in the roadway, often in curbside lanes. This bike parking solution is great for places where demand for bicycle parking exceeds available sidewalk space.

Bike corrals at Jay Street are filled with parked bicycles. Bike corrals feature pavement markings and pavement delineators.

A standard bike corral includes bike racks that can park 12 bikes comfortably, however each corral is designed for its site and size will vary. All bike corrals include pavement markings and vertical delineators.

NYC DOT and community partners monitor and maintain bike corrals. Community partners are helpful for clearing snow and debris and for alerting NYC DOT of damage. Day-to-day maintenance of a bike corral is minor and anyone, from a business to a resident, may apply. Maintenance partners may also request more elements for their bike corrals such as planters and seating.

Due to the surge in cycling during COVID-19, NYC DOT is installing more bike corrals than ever before. Now NYC DOT includes new bike corrals in planned NYC DOT projects that feature new pedestrian areas and striped roadbed. NYC DOT projects with bike corrals improve roadway safety and make sidewalks more comfortable.

Currently installed bike corrals may be found on the Bike Racks Viewer map. List of currently installed bike corrals (pdf)

Become a Bike Corral Maintenance Partner

Businesses, neighborhood organizations, and residents may apply to maintain a new or existing bike corral using the form below. NYC DOT asses requested sites' physical conditions and demand for bike parking. NYC DOT staff design each bike corral specific to its site, improving pedestrian safety where possible. Note, all NYC DOT bike corrals are for short-term public bike parking. Bike corrals cannot be restricted for a maintenance partner's customers, members, employees, etc.

Bike Corral Applications

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