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Benefit Replacement

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Submit a Claim to Replace Benefits That Have Been Electronically Stolen

Electronic benefit theft (also known as "skimming" "phishing" or "card cloning") is a type of theft where thieves gain access to your benefits electronically, even if you never lose your EBT card.

Skimming is a type of theft. Thieves put an overlay on a store's card-swiping machine to copy EBT, credit, and debit card information. The thieves use the information to make fake cards (called "clones") and use them to steal money from accounts. Skimming can happen anywhere you swipe your EBT card. Your benefits can be stolen through skimming even if you always have possession of your EBT card.

Phishing is a different type of scheme where thieves trick people into clicking on a link (usually sent through text or email) that allows them to access your account information.

If your SNAP or Cash benefits have been electronically stolen, you can now submit a claim for replacement of these stolen benefits.


SNAP and Cash Assistance Benefit Skimming Replacement FAQ:

Instructions for Completing the Stolen Benefits Claim Form:

File A Claim

Submit a Claim to Replace Electronically Stolen Benefits


Download a Paper Version of the Stolen Benefits Claim Form:

Download the "What to Do If Your EBT Benefits Are Electronically Stolen" Brochure:

Download the "What to Do If Your EBT Benefits Are Electronically Stolen" Palm Card:

Need Help Submitting A Claim?

If you need assistance submitting your claim or have questions about the overall process, community-based organizations across the city can help. For more information on the assistance available or to schedule an appointment, contact your preferred local organization at the phone numbers provided in the links below. If you are a community-based organization, help us spread the word with our Social Media Toolkit.