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Fraud Prevention

Audio Description: A video informing New Yorkers how to protect their EBT benefits against skimming thieves.

The Investigation, Revenue and Enforcement Administration (IREA) is the investigative arm of the largest social services agency in the United States. We pioneered a range of investigative practices and techniques that are a model in the field, and we are particularly proud of two major innovations:

  • the intense use of data matches and data analytics to support our investigative fieldwork, and
  • the use of front-end review and detection programs to prevent inappropriate or fraudulent enrollments in our social programs

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Bureau of Fraud Investigation

Bureau of Fraud Investigation: Available in English, Spanish/Español, Traditional Chinese/繁體中文, Simplified Chinese/简体中文, Russian/Русский, Arabic/العربية, Haitian Creole/Kreyòl Ayisyen, Korean/한국어, Bengali/বাংলা, Urdu/اردو, Polish/Polski, French/Français

Medicaid Information Fax Form for Insurance Companies: Available in English