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Career Services

HRA's Career Services offer Cash Assistance clients opportunities to help them increase their job skills and build a career that will lead to success and financial security. HRA's Career Services works closely with clients to find opportunities that match their skills, needs, and career goals, and help them work toward opportunities to grow and build a successful career.

Do you have a disability or health condition that makes it hard for you to participate in a work, education or a training activity? Does this condition make it hard for you to get other services at HRA? Call us at 212-331-4640 and we can help you. You can also ask for help when you visit an HRA office. You have a right to ask for this kind of help under the law.

If you are not a Cash Assistance client, please visit Workforce1 Career Centers for employment assistance.

Based on their situation, clients work with service providers in three programs, provided by Career Services providers.

  • CareerCompass works with adult clients to assess their skills and experience. It helps clients find employment, training, or education programs as well as internship and community service opportunities that suit their skills and goals.
  • YouthPathways works with clients ages 18-24 to assess their skills and experience. It provides career, education, and training services and helps clients find programs, including internships and community service, tailored to the needs of a younger population.
  • CareerAdvance offers career, education, and training services in specific industries and neighborhoods in New York City, or to groups such as those with Limited English Proficiency or older adults.
  • Education Services/TAG is responsible for connecting clients to training and/or education-based opportunities that assist with gaining credentials and experience necessary to progress in the career of their choice. There is also a focus on growing and managing the opportunities present in multiple Community Based Organizations around New York City to ensure all clients have access to a training and/or education resource no matter where they are located.

Business Link: JTP POP Program

The Parks Department is hiring now for outdoors maintenance positions! The jobs are 40 hours per week and pay $15.45 per hour. The job duties include: sweeping, raking, picking up litter, and emptying trash receptacles.

The job is five days a week, from 7 AM to 3:30 PM. Four of those days are during the week and one day a week is on the weekend. One of those days will be a paid day to look for a permanent job by the time your Parks job ends.

In order to be eligible, you must:

  1. Have an Active Cash Assistance Case
  2. Be either the Head of Household or the Payee
  3. Not currently working

If you are interested, please send us your FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, TELEPHONE NUMBER, AND CASE NUMBER at the email address, call us at 718-262-3400 or visit us at 123 William Street, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10038.

Other Programs

  • HRA Business Link matches employers with jobseekers who have the skills they need. Business Link hosts several job fairs during the year and offers job opening alerts by text message through TEXT 2 WORK.
  • CUNY Educate. Develop. Graduate. Empower. (EDGE) is a joint program between HRA and CUNY designed to help HRA clients enrolled at CUNY schools with academic counseling, support, and employment services so they can succeed in their studies and graduate in a timely manner.
  • Workforce Demonstration Project where individuals are connected to internships that will assist them in gaining valid experience to build their resume. The Youth Leadership Council Program brings together youth individuals from across New York City to develop their leadership qualities and skills to be future leaders, possibly in New York City government. 
  • The CUNY EDGE Program helps HRA clients enrolled at CUNY schools succeed in their studies and graduate.
  • Internship Placement Services (IPS) which looks to connect individuals into internships around New York City when they are unable to complete their engagement hours under normal work-study with a CUNY program."
  • The Work Progress Program (WPP) assists nonprofit organizations to provide beneficial internship opportunities for low income youth and young adults in all five boroughs of New York City. Nonprofit organizations are designated as WPP Service Providers and conduct internship programs for participants ages 16-24.

Educational Opportunities

For clients who are considering signing up on their own for education or training, HRA maintains a list of available training/education programs that are credentialed higher education schools, for-profit schools licensed by NYS, or other training and/or educational programs operated by non-profit organizations.