About DOT

Safety Educational Materials

Whether you are an adult, teen or child, DOT has important safety information for you. Please look through the safety education materials listed below and download the ones of interest to you.

For Children

Traffic safety information, articles and activities for elementary school children YES for Kids Magazine

Learn more about the traffic safety environment around your home and school Take the Neighborhood Safety Survey

Check your knowledge of pedestrian and bike safety by taking a safety quiz.

For Teens

Your Voice is a publication of traffic safety information by and for NYC teens

For Adults

Safe Kids NYC

A coalition of educators, professionals and child advocates devoted to keeping kids healthy. Download Think Safety! (pdf)

Safety City

Learn more about DOT's award-winning, hands-on traffic safety training program for students

Pedestrian and Driver Safety

Share the road safely with these safety tips for drivers and pedestrians. Available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Korean

These DWI Penalty Cards describe the fines, jail sentences and other penalties for driving while intoxicated by alcohol or other drugs. Available in English and these other languages Chinese, Urdu, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish

Safety Belts and Car Safety Seats

The #1 killer of children is car crashes. With a booster seat, your child is 59% less likely to be hurt or killed in a car crash. If they’re under 4’9” you should put them in a booster seat. It raises them up so the seat belt and shoulder strap restrain them in the right places. Learn more about using safety belts and car safety seats (Spanish, Chinese, Urdu, Russian and Korean)

Use this growth chart to help guide your passenger safety decisions for children from birth to age 7

Protect your child in the car by taking these four steps Available in English, Spanish, Russian

Bicycle Safety

Tips for Biking Smart in New York City

For Parents and Children

An agreement between a child and an adult driver to help each other stay safer on the road Safe Walker/Safe Driver Pledge

This contract is to be signed by two people of any age who feel they can make a commitment to help each other stay safe Contract for Safety

Traffic engineering tools that improve pedestrian safety Safety Tools in the Traffic Environment

Tips for a safe trip to school on foot, in a school bus and by car Make Each Trip to School a Safe One

Tips for staying safer on wheels with helmets and safety gear Get in Gear!

Steps to follow for using a helmet correctly Be a Helmet MVP!

For Older Adults

There's More to Taking a Walk Than Moving Your Feet Video and Facilitator's Guide Presentation guide to accompany the pedestrian safety video for older adults

Walking Wisely - Pedestrian safety tips for older adults Available in English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and Korean.

Walking Wisely Checklist - Pedestrian safety checklist for older adults

For Teachers

This guide was developed by DOT and the Department of Education to help teach children to understand the importance of the many safety tools available to all of us. It contains classroom activities to help children learn how stay safer on foot, on wheels and in the car. Traffic Safety Toolbox: A Guide for Teachers

Implementing Safe Routes to School in Low-Income Schools and Communities - By using this guide, parents, professionals and school and government leaders will be better positioned to overcome common challenges and build strong Safe Routes to School programs in low-income schools and communities.