Building the Network

New York City is home to the largest network of bicycle lanes in North America, with over 1,000 miles of bike routes. NYC DOT is committed to continuing to grow the network by installing at least 50 lane-miles of bicycle facilities a year, including at least 10 lane-miles of protected bike lanes. On-street bike lanes help improve safety for all road users by organizing the street and visually narrowing the roadway for drivers. Find ridership and safety statistics Find current bike route projects Download the Jamaica Bay Greenway Implementation Plan Download the Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway Implementation Plan

Bike Share

New York City's newest public transportation system, Citi Bike, launched in May 2013. The bike share system doesn't use any taxpayer money, and is even expected to create income for the city. The durable Citi Bikes and docking stations provide convenient and inexpensive mobility twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year. Learn more about the station locations Learn more and sign up on the official Citi Bike website Get facts about bike share in New York

Bike Smart

Cycling is booming in New York. Commuter cycling has increased by 26% between 2008-2009 and more than doubled since 2005. The New York City Department of Health estimates that over a half million New Yorkers ride bikes. So what are you waiting for? Get safety tips Learn how to properly fit a helmet and how to get a free one Learn the rules for bikes on public transit

Bikes in Buildings

The Bikes in Buildings Program allows tenants in office buildings to request bicycle access for their employees so that they can park their bikes in their leased space. Bikes in Buildings program

Resources for Riders

In addition to expanding the bike network, DOT encourages cycling installing outdoor bike parking and sponsoring events like Summer Streets. subscribe to NYCycles, DOT's monthly cycling email newsletter. Find bike routes and get an NYC Cycling Map Find bike parking throughout the city Bring your bike inside your workplace with Bikes in Buildings Learn about artists transforming bike infrastructure through DOT Art’s Barrier Beautification and Asphalt Art Activations programs Get updates and provide feedback on ongoing Greenway projects Get the bike map app to have the NYC Cycling Map on your smart phone

Commercial Cyclists and Businesses

Bikes are an inexpensive, fast, and efficient way to deliver goods. Find safety tips and resources for commercial cyclists and business owners to help make commercial bicycling safer. Learn more about Commercial Cyclists and Businesses