Mobility Management

NYC DOT’s Mobility Management Program (MMP) coordinates and improves transportation opportunities for:

  • People with disabilities,
  • Older adults,
  • Individuals with limited English proficient, and
  • Low income populations.

This involves several methods, including:

  • Developing resources and tools for NYC DOT staff and the community;
  • Coordinating efforts within NYC DOT and the public; and
  • Identifying strategies to improve transportation services.

This comprehensive approach benefits the community by improving communication and collaboration.

The Mobility Management Resource Guide serves as a resource for our communities to learn about transportation programs and services that could improve their mobility. The guide includes information about street improvement, transit services, and NYC DOT initiatives.

Cover page for the Mobility Management Resource Guide 2021
Download the 2021 Mobility Management Resource Guide (pdf) Download the 2021 Mobility Management Resource Guide (text only version) Descargue la Guía de Recursos para la Administración de la Movilidad (2015)

Questions and Comments

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