DOT Art partners with community-based organizations and artists to present public art on DOT property in all five boroughs. Artists help transform the streets from ordinary to extraordinary with temporary interventions – colorful murals, dynamic projections and eye-catching sculptures. Public plazas, fences, barriers, bridges, step streets, and sidewalks serve as canvases for art in the public right of way.

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DOT Art has several programs: Community Commissions Barrier Beautification Arterventions Art Display Case Exhibits Special Projects

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Community Commissions

 Las Mariposas Amarillas by Lina Montoya. Presented with El Centro del Inmigrante. Richmond Terrace and Jewett Avenue, Staten Island.

Las Mariposas Amarillas by Lina Montoya. Presented with El Centro del Inmigrante. Richmond Terrace and Jewett Avenue, Staten Island.

DOT Art collaborates with community-based organizations (partner organizations) to commission artists to design and install temporary art on DOT property. A minimum of one priority site is identified in each borough by local organizations with support from DOT Borough Offices and Operating Units. Selected artists are eligible to receive up to $12,000 towards direct project costs in addition to engineering support. Partner organizations work closely with selected artists throughout the project phases and must agree to maintain the artwork and remediate the site upon completion of the display period. Artwork remains installed for 11 months.

Submission Deadline: Fall 2017
Community Commissions projects on Flickr

Barrier Beautification

Bounce by Brittany Baldwin. Presented with New York Cares. Queens Boulevard between Woodhaven Boulevard and 59th Avenue, Queens.

Bounce by Brittany Baldwin. Presented with New York Cares. Queens Boulevard between Woodhaven Boulevard and 59th Avenue, Queens.

DOT Art collaborates with New York Cares to beautify concrete barriers with bold, colorful murals that are designed by professional artists but painted almost entirely by volunteers. Barriers located along protected bike lanes or active sidewalks become canvases for art. DOT Art provides selected artists with a design honorarium of $2,500 and a materials fee of $500 for stencil production. DOT Art and NY Cares provide paint and associated materials at no cost to the artist. NY Cares coordinates volunteer recruitment and secures volunteers to implement the mural on a single day in fall and spring. Murals remain installed for 11 months.

Submission Deadline: Fall 2017
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Fancy Animal Carnival
Fancy Animal Carnival by Hung Yi. Presented with the Garment District Alliance. Garment District Plazas, Broadway from 36th Street to 41st Street, Manhattan.

DOT Art partners with galleries, arts and community organizations and business improvement districts to install existing or new artwork on DOT property. Proposals are typically associated with an exhibition on view in a neighboring gallery, or an artwork that has been produced in conjunction with a local festival. The proposal must be fully funded by the organization. Interested organizations and artists must submit a joint application. Organizations are responsible for engineering review, artwork maintenance during the display period and site remediation upon completion of removal. Artwork typically remains installed for 3 to 6 months.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Download the Site Selection Tips Guidelines Download Arterventions 2017 RFP and Application Arterventions projects on Flickr

Art Display Case Exhibits

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge: Poets on Brooklyn and Beyond
Walking the Brooklyn Bridge: Poets on Brooklyn and Beyond curated by Poets House and Emory University. Water Street and Gouveneur Lane and Water Street and Pine Street, Manhattan.

DOT Art partners with local institutions and artists to curate dynamic, changing exhibits on a set of moveable art display cases. Images proposed for the exhibit should have a cohesive underlying theme; each with a thoughtful composition adding to the overall story of the exhibition. An artist’s vision, body of work and working technique should also be conveyed through an image. The cases are typically installed in sets of three or four on wide sidewalks or within plazas as they must be installed on concrete. DOT prints the selected artwork on vinyl adhesives, which are then adhered to the exterior surface of the cases at no cost to the partner. DOT handles the installation and removal of the cases and restores the site upon completion of the display period. The local organization is responsible for monitoring and maintaining the cases throughout the display period. The exhibit remains installed for a maximum of 6 months.

Organizations interested in curating an exhibit for the cases should  email DOT Art.
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Art Display Case Registry

Artists interested in presenting their artwork on Art Display Cases can now register with DOT Art by submitting an Art Display Case Registry Form. Upon submitting the form, an artist will be entered into the Art Display Case Artist Registry and may be selected to present their work in future exhibitions. Download Art Display Case Registry Form (pdf)

Special Project

Summer Streets Programming and Performances 2017
dotart summerstreets program

Programming partners and performers are needed for all three Summer Streets Saturdays to assist with creating the best possible event for hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers to enjoy. Please download the Summer Streets Programming and the Summer Streets Performance Applications to apply to participate. For questions regarding programming or performances at the event, please email the Summer Streets team.

DOT Art Program Tips
  • Site Jurisdiction:
    • Email to confirm the site in question is NYCDOT property. DOT Art only presents temporary art installations on NYCDOT owned and maintained property.
  • Application Deadline:
    • Community Commissions and Barrier Beautification Applications: Complete the full application and submit the application by the specified date listed in the RFP.
    • Arterventions and Art Display Case Exhibit Applications: All applications must be submitted at a minimum of 30 days in advance of the proposed installation date.
      • If a non-profit organization or fellow City agency is interested in presenting multiple art installations at one time as part of a festival or event, please approach DOT Art as soon as possible to ensure the project deadline is attainable.
  • Signage:
    • All DOT Art installations are required to use a 12” x 18” aluminum sign that is created by DOT Graphics, printed by the DOT Sign Shop and installed by DOT Borough Engineering on the closest street light pole to the artwork location.

DOT Art Advisory Committee (2017 – 2018)

Adam Brent, Artist + Director of the BFA in Integrated Design, Parsons the New School for Design
Heather Reyes, Exhibition and Collection Manager, Bronx Museum of the Arts
Kendal Henry, Director of the Percent for Art Program, NYC Department of Cultural Affairs
Risa Puno, Artist
Monica Valenzuela, Deputy Director of Staten Island Arts