DOT Art partners with community-based organizations and artists to present temporary public art in neighborhoods across the City. Artists help transform the city's streets from ordinary to extraordinary with unexpected interventions - colorful murals, dynamic light projections and thought-provoking sculptures. Public plazas, fences, barriers, bridges, step streets, and sidewalks serve as canvases for art. Visit DOT's Flickr stream for an archive of DOT Art projects Sign up for the e-newsletter Download a list of permanent DOT Art projects (pdf)

DOT Art has several programs: Summer Streets 2016 Interventions Community Commissions Barrier Beautification Arterventions Art Display Cases Musical Interludes

Summer Streets 2016 Interventions Request for Qualifications
Course of Emotions: A mini-golf Experience by Risa Puno. Summer Streets 2014.
Course of Emotions: A mini-golf Experience by Risa Puno. Summer Streets 2014.

DOT Art is partnering with Summer Streets to solicit proposals from Artists who specialize in producing temporary interventions to activate the Summer Streets route! DOT Art and the Summer Streets team will select a minimum of two Artists to present temporary interventions along the route to enliven the Summer Streets event for all participants. Artists are eligible to receive up to $20,000 toward direct project costs. Submissions must be emailed to by 12 am on Monday, May 2, 2016. Download the application here. Check out our Flickr page for past Summer Streets Interventions.

Community Commissions Open Call Announcement
Nest by Kirk Finkel. Presented with the Freshkills Park Alliance. St. George Ferry Terminal, Richmond Terrace Plaza, Staten Island. Current installation.

The postmark deadline for the Spring 2016 Community Commissions application is Friday, April 29. 2016. The budget has been increased to $8,000. DOT Art is excited to commission emerging and established artists to produce site-responsive art in collaboration with community-based organizations to be on display for up to 11 months! Download the application below within the DOT Art Opportunities.

Barrier Beautification Announcement

Congratulations to two Brooklyn-based artists, Nancy Ahn and Sarah Nicole Phillips! With the help of fifty New York Cares volunteers, both designs were implemented along a total of 1,781 linear feet of concrete barrier in the Bronx and Brooklyn on Saturday, April 16, 2016.

Nancy Ahn painted her design, “Crushing It,” along the protected bike lane at Columbia Street between Atlantic Avenue and Congress Street in Brooklyn. The design features bananas and jewels, reminiscent of classic video games. We hope cyclists and pedestrians enjoy “collecting” their rewards as they travel along the barriers.

Sarah Nicole Phillips’ “Cats in Repose” is inspired by her own cat, lounging in approximately ten different positions. Keep your eye out for two dog silhouettes peacefully mixed in the cats as you walk along the pedestrian pathway at East 161st Street between Gerard Avenue and Concourse Village West in the Bronx.

To volunteer, please visit the NY Cares website!

Project Spotlight

Pedestrian Patterns by Mark Salinas. Presented with the Long Island City Partnership. Thomson Avenue Bridge between Skillman Avenue and 44th Drive, Queens. Current Installation.

On a crisp spring day, DOT Art gathered with the Long Island City Partnership, artist Mark Salinas, LaGuardia Community College, volunteers and local City officials to celebrate “Pedestrian Patterns,” a 6,000 sq. ft. mural located between Skillman Avenue and 44th Drive in Queens. At the unveiling event, a professor from LaGuardia Community College shared an anecdote that qualifies as a good NYC story. One day while riding on the 7 train to LaGuardia, the professor was in the same subway car as one of the student volunteers she had recruited for the project. When the mural came into view, the student stood up and enthusiastically pointed out the mural announcing his participation. He got a standing ovation from the other riders!

191st Street Tunnel

Congratulations again to local Washington Heights artist Andrea Von Bujdoss (Queen Andrea), Fernando Carlo, Jr. (COPE 2) born and raised in the Bronx, Queens-based artist Nick Kuzsyk, Nelson Rivas (Cekis) currently living in Brooklyn and Maryland-based duo Jessie Unterhalter and Katey Truhn who presented 5 murals within the 191st Street Tunnel. Click on the below video to receive a behind the scenes look of the project.

DOT Art Opportunities

Community Commissions

DOT Art commissions emerging and established artists to produce site-responsive art in collaboration with community-based organizations to be on display for up to 11 months. Twice a year in fall and spring, DOT announces a list of priority sites in conjunction with an open call and associated deadline. These priority sites are identified by DOT Borough Offices and Operating Units based upon community requests for beautification. Interested organizations and artists are required to submit a joint application and not-for-profit organizations are eligible to receive up to $8,000 toward direct project costs and in-kind engineering support. Partners are responsible for artwork maintenance during the display period and site remediation upon completion of that period. All applicants must select a priority site and provide a conceptual design for consideration.

Postmark deadline: Friday, April 29, 2016. Download Community Commissions request for proposals and application (pdf) Community Commissions projects on Flickr

Harlem Sunrise by Gera Lozano. Presented with Creative Artworks and the New Harlem East Merchants Association. 125th Street and Park Avenue, Manhattan. Current Installation.

Barrier Beautification

Over the past seven years, DOT Art has collaborated with New York Cares and a number of professional artists to produce 30 temporary murals on barrier sites around the City. Twice a year in fall and spring, artists are invited to submit proposals in response to an open call that includes a submission deadline. DOT provides selected artists with a design honorarium in the amount of $2,500 and a materials fee of $500 to cover costs to produce stencils. DOT and NY Cares cover the cost of paint and associated materials. Volunteers from NY Cares and other local organizations assist selected artists with painting the designs on a single Saturday in the spring and weekday in the fall. DOT selects sites based upon DOT projects - primarily as part of a protected bike lane - Borough Commissioner and community requests. Selected artists are assigned a site in one of the five boroughs. All applicants must submit a conceptual design and examples of past work for consideration.

Postmark deadline: Friday, February 19, 2016 Download the Barrier Beautification request for proposals and application (pdf) Barrier Beautification projects on Flickr

Alphabet City by Elizabeth Hamby. Presented with New York Cares. Flushing Avenue between Williamsburg Street West and Washington Avenue, Brooklyn. Current Installation.


DOT Art invites organizations and artists to request the necessary permits to commission an artwork for or present an existing artwork on DOT property that is funded entirely by an outside sponsor. Typically, these projects are associated with an exhibition on view in a gallery or alternative art space or produced in conjunction with a local or citywide festival. Work can be displayed or up to 6 months. Applicants are required to select a DOT site within the five boroughs. Interested organizations and artists must submit a joint application. Partners are responsible for engineering review (if sculptural), artwork maintenance during the display period and site remediation upon completion of de-installation. All applicants must submit photographs of the proposed site and when relevant, a conceptual design for consideration and or photographs of an existing sculptural work.

*Site to Site and Arterventions have now been combined.
Applications accepted on a rolling basis. Download the Site Selection Tips (pdf) Download Arterventions application (pdf) Arterventions projects on Flickr

Everything by Hanna Liden. Presented with Art Production Fund. Ruth Wittenberg Plaza, 6th Avenue and Christopher Street, Manhattan. Past Installation.

Art Display Cases

Twenty art display cases host rotating exhibitions that move to concrete plazas and wide sidewalks throughout the five boroughs. DOT Art partners with local institutions and artists to curate the cases. DOT prints the selected artwork on vinyl adhesives and installs the adhesives onto the exterior surface of the cases at no cost to the partner. DOT handles the installation and de-installation of the cases and restores the sites upon completion of the display period. The local organization is responsible for monitoring and maintaining the cases throughout the display period. The exhibit remains installed for a maximum of six months.

Organizations interested in providing an exhibit for the cases should email DOT Art.

Art Display Case Registry

Artists interested in presenting their artwork on Art Display Cases can now register with DOT Art by submitting an Art Display Case Registry Form. Upon submitting the form, an artist will be entered into the Art Display Case Artist Registry and may be selected to present their work in future exhibitions based upon the DOT Art Committee’s discretion. Download Art Display Case Registry Form (pdf)

Art & Soul of the Southeast Queens Community by Margaret R. Vendryes and Dominique Sindayiganza. Presented by the Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning (JCAL) and the Jamaica Center Business Improvement District. Parsons Boulevard and Jamaica Avenue, Queens. Past Installation.

Musical Interludes

In collaboration with MTA Music Under New York, performers serenade ferry passengers in the St. George Ferry Terminal and Whitehall Ferry Terminal throughout the week. Performances range from violinists, bluesmen, folk singers and more

For more information on scheduled performances, follow @NYC_DOT on Twitter.

DOT Art Advisory Committee for 2015

Adam Brent, Artist + Director of the BFA in Integrated Design, Parsons The New School for Design
Kendal Henry, Director, Percent for Art Program, NYC Department of Cultural Affairs