Doing Business with DOT

Bid Opportunities

Information concerning current and future bid opportunities is available online. All documents necessary for submitting a bid can be obtained at DOT, 55 Water Street, Ground Floor, New York 10041. Search for Current and Upcoming Bid Solicitations

Requests For Proposals

All DOT Requests for Proposals (RFPs) are available electronically. However, proposals must be submitted on paper in accordance with the submission instructions detailed in each RFP package. Search and download RFPs

Requests For Expressions of Interest

Cold Weather Marking Material

DOT is releasing a Request for Expression of Interest (RFEI) to gather information about roadway marking materials that can be applied effectively at temperatures below 50 degrees or even 40 degrees Fahrenheit. DOT is seeking to identify the most durable and cost-effective roadway marking materials for various roadway types. To that end, this RFEI seeks information on products from their manufacturers, including product specifications, installation guidelines, cost and durability data. In addition to the RFEI, DOT may conduct laboratory and field tests of various products and is seeking to identify manufacturers who are interested in participating in such tests. If DOT decides to pursue a laboratory or field test, manufacturers would be invited to participate, subject to the conditions outlined in the Appendix. Download Cold Weather Marking Material RFEI (pdf) Download a Sample Demo Agreement Appendix (pdf)

Pre-Qualified Lists for Capital Bridge Projects

DOT keeps pre-qualified lists in two categories of Bridge services: Bridge Design and Construction Support (Bridge Design & CSS) and Bridge Resident Engineering Inspection (Bridge REI). For these two categories, DOT keeps three lists, Large, Medium and Small. These lists are used according to the project size. No firm may be placed on more than two of the three lists in each category. Firms that are placed on these pre-qualified lists may be invited to receive Requests for Proposals on selected capital bridge projects without additional public notification. Download the fiscal year 2015 pre-qualified lists (pdf) Learn about applying to be included on a bridge pre-qualified list


A concession is an agreement that allows a company to do business on City property. Examples include food courts on public plazas. Concessions are granted for a fixed number of years following a public bidding process. Concessions contracts may include outdoor food courts, cafés, pedestrian plazas, and vending machines. If you are interested in being on the DOT's concession solicitation list, please use this form to sign up (pdf). For more information, email

Whitehall Ferry Terminal Deck Cafe Resolicitation, 84115MNAD887

For the Development, Operation, and Maintenance of an Outdoor Deck Café at the Whitehall Ferry Terminal, in the Borough of Manhattan Click on the links below to download the solicitation Notice and RFP or visit the City Record Website Download the RFP (pdf) Download addendum 1 for the RFP (pdf) Download the Notice of Solicitation


A franchise is a contract between a company and the City. The company provides a public service. Examples are certain private bus routes and conduits for gas and electric utilities. Franchises generally require legislative approval and are granted for a limited term of years following a public bidding process.

Notices of Awards

DOT has awarded agreements to operate concessions in some plazas around the city. Download the notice of award for Astor Place Plaza (pdf) Download the notice of award for Old Fulton Street Plaza (pdf) Download the notice of award for Pearl Street Plaza (pdf) Download the notice of award for Willoughby Street Plaza (pdf)

More Resources

Stimulus Information

Find out more about DOT projects funded by the Federal Stimulus Bill. Learn more


The Adopt-A-Highway program is a tax-deductible way for businesses to give back to the community in a way that's visible to thousands of people a day. Learn more

Citywide Resources

Citywide Bidders List

All vendors are encouraged to enroll on the New York Citywide bidder and receive more information on doing business in the City of New York. Go to the Citywide Bidders List

City Record

All City procurements, including DOT's capital construction projects, are advertised on the City record. Visit the City Record

Upcoming City Projects

The Mayor's Office of Contract Services provides lists of construction projects that City agencies expect to bid out during the next 12 months. Learn more about upcoming construction projects

Minority- and Woman-owned Business Enterprises

Find out more about how to become a certified Minority- and Women-owned Business Enterprises (M/WBE). Under Local Law 129, which was signed by Mayor Bloomberg in 2005, City agencies aim to buy more goods and services from M/WBEs. That means more opportunities for certified M/WBEs to bid on public contracts, increase their capacity, and effectively contribute to the City's economy. Learn more

NYC Construction Loan Program

The NYC Construction Loan assists small contractors, including M/WBEs, to competitively bid on City contracts. This pilot loan program helps address the difficulties that small construction firms encounter accessing capital at early stages when bidding on contracts with DOT. The loans range from $25,000 up to 30% of the contract value, but not more than $150,000. Find out how to access the billion dollar pool of construction contracts awarded by the City of New York

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

Contractors bidding on federally-funded NYC DOT projects are required to use DBEs. DBE Directory Find out more about becoming a certified DBE from the New York State DOT.

Resources from Other Agencies