Street Parking Rates

Metered Parking Rates

Parking rates vary across the five boroughs and are reflective of neighborhood parking conditions including land use, density, and parking demand. Individual meter rates are posted on each parking meter and are limited to the posted duration on regulatory signage on each block. The maximum time for a parking session varies by type of vehicle and range from one hour to 14 hours. Metered regulations are not in effect on Sundays and motorists are advised to always check posted signage before parking. Rates and rules for commercial vehicles are different. Learn more about parking commercial vehicles Learn about rates and rules for charter buses

New York City uses some of the most sophisticated parking equipment available today. Meter payment can be made using coins, credit cards, NYC Parking Cards, and New York City’s mobile app ParkNYC. If paying with coins, motorists must use exact change. Learn how to use parking meters Purchase an NYC Parking Card online

2018 Rate Adjustment Details

2018 Meter Rate Adjustment

Effective September 4, 2018, metered parking rates will be increasing citywide for both on and off-street metered parking spaces. The new rates are tailored to individual neighborhoods and are reflective of land use, density and parking demand. Through these new rates DOT seeks to improve curb access and parking availability for passenger and commercial vehicles.

DOT will be reprogramming all meters on a borough-by-borough basis beginning in September 2018. Meters will be updated daily by neighborhood on a rolling basis throughout the month and motorists are advised to check the display for the current rates. The schedule for the adjustments is as follows:

Borough Beginning on or about
Brooklyn September 4
Manhattan October 1
Queens November 1
The Bronx and Staten Island December 3
Please confirm rates on display.

Metered Parking Rates

Depending on where and when you park at a parking meter in New York City, the cost and regulations vary. Hourly parking rates for passenger parking range from $1.25 to $7.50, and from $5.00 to $8.00 for commercial parking. Always remember to check the pay station and signage for specific rates and times. Effective with this rate change, the city will be divided into 6 unique rate zones. The details and location of these zones can be found on DOT’s Parking Rate Map.

Manhattan Progressive Rates

All passenger metered spaces with 1 hour time limits will be converted to 2 hour parking south of 96th Street. In high demand areas of Manhattan, the progressive rate for passenger encourages motorists to park only as long as they need, opening up parking spaces for other users.

Passenger Commercial
Location 1st Hour   2nd Hour* 1st Hour   2nd Hour   3rd Hour
Midtown Core and Lower Manhattan
(Refer to DOT Parking Rate Map)
 $4.50         $7.50  $6.00         $7.00          $8.00
Manhattan South of 96th Street
(Refer to DOT Parking Rate Map)
 $4.00         $6.75  $5.00         $6.00          $7.00

*Note: Longer term passenger spaces will charge the prevailing 1st hour rate for each hour.

Standard Hourly Rates

Metered areas outside of Manhattan’s progressive zones follow a standard hourly rate for all vehicles.

Location Hourly Rate
Manhattan 96th Street to 110th Street $2.50
Zone 1 - Outerborough Business Districts
(Downtown Brooklyn, Downtown Flushing, and Jamaica; Manhattan 125th St)
Zone 2 - Neighborhood Retail Districts
(Refer to DOT Parking Rate Map)
Zone 3 - All other metered locations $1.25

PARK Smart Rates

PARK Smart is a program developed with the community to make parking easier while reducing congestion and improving safety. PARK Smart aims to increase the number of available metered parking spaces by encouraging motorists to park no longer than necessary.

As part of the 2018 citywide rate adjustment, programs in Greenwich Village, Park Slope, and Downtown Brooklyn were absorbed into the new rate structure. The Jackson Heights program maintains its PARK Smart Rates.

Location Rate
Jackson Heights, Queens 30 mins $0.50
1 hour $1.50
1 hour 30 mins $2.50
2 hours $4.00

Charter Bus Rates

DOT provides metered parking spaces for charter buses. All charter bus spaces allow 3-hour maximum stay.

Hourly Rate
All charter bus metered spaces $20.00

Pre-2018 Adjustment Rates

DOT will be reprogramming all meters on a borough-by-borough basis beginning in September 2018. The below rates will remain in effect for boroughs whose rate adjustment has not yet been completed. Please check posted rates on individual meters when parking.

Location Hourly Rate
The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island $1.00
Manhattan above 110th Street $1.00
Manhattan on 96th Street (North Side) to 110th Street $1.50
Manhattan on 96th Street (South Side) and below $3.50
commercial vehicle spaces in Manhattan $4.00 (first hour)
$5.00 (second hour)
$6.00 (third hour)
charter bus metered spaces in Manhattan $20.00 (three hour maximum)

PARK Smart Area Time Hourly Rate
Greenwich Village 6:00 to 10:00 pm $5.00
Greenwich Village all other times $3.50
Park Slope noon to 7:00 pm $2.00
Park Slope all other times $1.00
Atlantic, Court and Smith (Brooklyn), Jackson Heights (Queens) 30 minutes $0.50
Atlantic, Court and Smith (Brooklyn), Jackson Heights (Queens) 1 hour $1.50
Atlantic, Court and Smith (Brooklyn), Jackson Heights (Queens) 1 hour 30 minutes $2.50
Atlantic, Court and Smith (Brooklyn), Jackson Heights (Queens) 2 hours $4.00


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