Bicycle Maps

2013 New York City Bike Map

The New York City Bike Map is an annual free publication of DOT. Over 375,000 will be distributed this year from bicycle shops, libraries, and schools. You can also order your free copy by calling 311.

Download the 2014 NYC Bike Map (pdf) (14 MB) Bridge and intersection detail maps (pdf) Detail map of Manhattan, southern Bronx, northern Brooklyn and western Queens (pdf) Staten Island (pdf)

Maps of Greenways and Mountain Bike Trails

Find out more about the Department of Parks and Recreation's bicycling initiatives.

Map Your Bike Route

In addition to the paper map, there are multiple online options for finding bike routes as well. HopStop and Google offer directions by bike, as does Ride the City (below), which is based on the NYC Cycling Map and user feedback. Simply enter your starting address and destination address or drag the cyclist icon to your start and finish location and a suggested route will be generated for you.

These routes are generated by Ride the City, a private web service that that uses the NYC Bicycle Map to help cyclists plan safe routes. Please report any problems you find with the route suggestions directly to Ride the City. Cyclists are cautioned to follow all traffic laws and devices. DOT assumes no responsibility for damages resulting from the use of this data. No warranty of accuracy or completeness is expressed or implied.