Group Child Care (Center-based) — Information for Operators

Group child care (center-based) provides care to three or more children, under 6 years of age, for five or more hours per week. These types of facilities operate for more than 30 days in a 12-month period. They may be located anywhere, except a private residence.

Due to recent changes to Article 47, group child care programs must now comply with new requirements:

The NYC Health Department compliance guide below will help you follow the law and assure families that you are protecting and promoting their children's safety, health and early education.

If you are starting a new program, you must attend a pre-permit orientation (check the box next to “Group Child Care and Summer Camp Orientation Sessions”, then click “Continue” at the bottom of the page) before applying for a new permit. After you have attended that orientation, you can apply for a permit for a new child care program.

Programs must renew their permit every two years. If you need technical assistance submitting your online application, complete a technical assistance request.

Forms, Guides and Other Helpful Documents

Child Care Performance Summary Card

Necessary Qualifications and Training Requirements

Comprehensive Background Checks

Attendance, Supervision and Trip Requirements

Safe Sleep

Written Safety Plan

Medical Care

Nutrition and Physical Activity

Orientation for Parents Upon Enrollment

After parents enroll their child in a program, operators must provide them with information on the program’s policies and procedures for supervision, attendance, admission, discharge, emergencies and illness management.

Parents must also be provided with:

Fire Safety

Lead Paint Poisoning Prevention

Kitchen and Food Handling Safety

Additional Resources

More Information