Other Permits and Registrations

Barber Shop

A Barber Shop Permit allows a business to operate a barber shop establishment in New York City. A barber engages in cutting hair and trimming and/or shaving the mustache and beard. This application is filed by the owner on behalf of the business. The Barber Shop permit's term is one year.

A separate license is required from New York State for businesses that will operate an appearance enhancement establishment.

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All persons keeping non-aggressive honeybees (Apis mellifera) in New York City for recreational or commercial purposes must register with the Health Department's Office of Vector Surveillance and Control. This registration informs us of the location of the hive(s) and the quantity of bees maintained at a specific location. Maintaining unregistered bee hives in New York City is illegal and may lead to fines. 

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Burial and Cremation Permits

Medical facilities and funeral directors pre-authorized by the Health Department can report births, deaths, and terminations of pregnancy with the agency using eVital, the electronic system to register vital events.

Only authorized users can enter data and/or report vital events in New York City using eVital. Individuals who work in a hospital and are authorized to use this system should contact their administrator for access to the system. Those who are authorized users but are not affiliated with a hospital should email eVital@health.nyc.gov to report vital events. Once your account has been created, you will be sent instructions on how to proceed.

Funeral Director Registration

Funeral directors must be licensed by the New York State Bureau of Funeral Directing and registered with the Health Department's Office of Vital Records, Burial Desk. Funeral directors, undertakers, hospitals or their representatives file death certificates at either of two registration sites (Burial Desks) located in Manhattan and Brooklyn or through eVital.

Permits to dispose of human remains by burial, cremation or transport out of the city or its contiguous counties are issued for all deaths that are registered with the Office of Vital Records, and are exclusively given to Funeral directors, undertakers, hospitals or their representatives who are registered with the Health Department's Office of Vital Statistics.

Private Community Sewage Disposal System

This permit is required for the proposed construction and operation of individual private sewage disposal systems in subdivision realty developments involving 15 or more dwellings.

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Tanning Establishments

Operators of indoor tanning facilities in New York City are required to follow guidelines to limit your risk of illness and injury from tanning. Operators also must provide all tanning customers with a health risk fact sheet.

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The NYC Health Code requires that all tattoo artists must have a license. Before a license is issued, applicants must successfully complete the infection control course. If applying for a temporary license, the applicant must be licensed in another jurisdiction and demonstrate satisfactory completion of the city’s infection control course.