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PASSPort, the City of New York's end-to-end digital procurement platform, manages every stage of the procurement process from vendor sourcing – who we purchase goods and services from (that's you – the vendor) to releasing and responding to solicitations (referred to as “RFx” in the system), and contract award, development, registration and management.

Register NYC.ID

The first step to getting started in PASSPort is to create your NYC.ID account. Click on “Register NYC.ID” to begin the process and check out the Getting Started: Doing Business with NYC for more detailed instructions on creating your PASSPort account.

Procurement Navigator

You can view contracting opportunities in the Procurement Navigator. No PASSPort account is required to search for solicitations on the Procurement Navigator. To respond to a solicitation, however, a PASSPort account is required. Note: The Procurement Navigator can be used from a smart phone.

PASSPort Public

PASSPort Public, a data transparency portal, provides unprecedented insight into PASSPort by making information at every stage of the procurement process available to the public. This tool is not designed for doing business with the City, but rather to drive procurement transparency and accountability.