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1. Get Ready To
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2. Show the City
Who You Are

To do business with the City of New York, organizations should complete these steps:

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Ensure your organization has at least completed the following steps:

  1. Apply for an EIN/TIN with the IRS
  2. Register with the NYS Department of State
  3. Register with the NYS Charities Bureau (Nonprofits Only). For information on how to start a nonprofit, visit New York Council of Nonprofits Inc.

Foreign vendors must follow a different process. Contact the MOCS Service Desk to learn more.

Once you have established your organization, get started with these resources:

A Payee Information Portal (PIP) vendor account is needed to receive payments from the City of New York. In PIP, vendors can register for Electronic Funds Transfers/Direct Deposit, view financial transactions, and more.

Create your PIP vendor account.

A NYC.ID is needed to request a vendor PASSPort account. PASSPort is the City of New York's end-to-end digital procurement platform.

To register a NYC.ID, check pages 1-5 of the Guide: Requesting a Vendor PASSPort Account.

Already have a NYC.ID? Skip to step 4.

If your organization does not have a PASSPort account, submit a vendor account request on behalf of your organization.

Once your account request has been approved by MOCS, you can log in to PASSPort using your NYC.ID credentials and take several actions, including finding and responding to contracting opportunities.

For instructions, see pages 6-8 of the Guide: Requesting a Vendor PASSPort Account or watch this video tutorial (4 minutes).

An HHS Prequalification is required to be eligible to respond to Health and Human Service solicitations issued in PASSPort.

HHS Prequalification is also a component of the City Council Discretionary Funding Award Clearance.

For instructions, watch Video: Submitting the HHS PQL Application (58 minutes) and Video: Nonprofits Submitting Charities Filings in PASSPort (48 minutes). For additional details, see the Guide: HHS Accelerator Prequalification.

The vendor enrollment package is a series of questions and disclosures relating to a vendor's organization that are completed and submitted in PASSPort. For instructions, watch Video: Completing the Vendor Enrollment Package (1 hour 3 minutes) or see the Guide: Completing the PASSPort Vendor Enrollment.

If your organization is a Nonprofit or qualifies as a Minority/Women-Owned Enterprise (M/WBE), Emerging Business Enterprise, or Locally-based Business Enterprise:

Are you a Nonprofit or For-profit organization?

Showing the City who you are as an organization helps City Agencies learn about what goods and services your organization can provide.

Has your organization enrolled in commodities and disclosed your NYC business certifications in PASSPort, and–if you are a health and human service provider–completed a Health and Human Service Prequalification Application?

3. Find Contracting

4. Respond to

Learn how to find contracting opportunities with the City of New York:

The next step in the process: Respond to Contract Opportunities.

Learn how to respond to contracting opportunities with the City of New York:

The next step in the process: Complete Award Tasks.

5. Complete
Award Tasks

Start Your Work,
Get Paid!

Which award has your organization received?

Once your contract is registered, you can start your work and begin invoicing. Contact your Agency contract manager to determine whether your contract's financials will be managed in PASSPort.

Visit PASSPort Financials for learning resources, including guides, live webinar training options, and FAQ.

If you have a Requirements Contract, find the vendor invoicing guides at Requirements Contracts.

The Contracting Roadmap shows the steps to contracting with the City of New York. Visit Getting Started: Contract with the City of New York for more background information on each step.

Additional guidance can be found at: